Comfort of A Stranger

So, recently I heard some talk show on a radio where this guy tells his story

Try midnight radio show ha ha

about that now he is on a process of divorce with his wife. He tells explicit details of the affair (his wife cheats with his best friend in his house, on his bed, WOW with capital word all over it) that makes me wonder, is there’s no such thing as privacy anymore? Ain’t something like this supposed to be hid in the closet or something like that? Well time changes everything I guess, along with narcissism triggered by social media to unleash our thirst to a celebrity (instantly he he).

But if U asks me, the main reason that guy willing to open up like that (it’s like a 100% discount item on a bargain sale he he) is because some symptom I called “Comfort of a Stranger” (sounds like the novel & movie but it just inspired by the title actually). Why a stranger? Despite the connection between listener & the announcer, they hardly knew each other personally, even the guy could use alias or false name to protect his true identity (unless the guy wants the world to know ha ha, narcissism to the max) thus he could tell any story he wants, no matter how atrocious that story is.

If U like me who loves using public transport or visit station on regular basis, U can tell that’s the pace to be if U wanna learn humanity at their best, we can watch how we interact with each other. There’s one thing that makes me love to use public transport, I get an extra compliment, something I called “Packaged Friend” some extra U got if U ride public transport alone. U’ll get a friend, which sometimes U can’t choose, to accompany U (especially if U ride in 2 seats in on row like in the picture).

2 strangers united by fate ha ha

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I love to chat with “packaged friend”, talk anything, I  Don’t know why? Maybe cuz I can tell the most outrageous, details & disgracing bout my life to him/her without worrying that he told people that I know he he. It’s comforting to know that we can get a clear unbiased input/insight from others about our problem/s. Or maybe it’s my old gambling habit, I love/believe that if I asks someone who really doesn’t know squat bout $hit I talking about. I believe that that the first response (such as if asks who would win from Barcelona vs. Milan & he/she responds Milan I put my dollar against ruble for Milan ha ha ha) is pure answer without any pretension or second thoughts. Thus I believe that answer shoulda-woulda-coulda correct ha ha (like hearing truth or prophecy from horses mouth ^_^).

Guess I believe that comfort of a stranger have a deeper meanings that I don’t know yet, besides to get input from different point of view. Maybe comfort of stranger holds some “silahturahmi” values (Islamic values that means that we should socialize & be good to others, maintain a good contact, etc), some ice breaking value to make us closer to others or something else I don’t know.

Strangler? My dyslexia kicks in ^_^

Well, besides U could probably lose life or beaten up by stranger, I think that is no harm to try to talk to stranger, we never know what we could get, & that’s the fun part he he. Just like some tag line by some fashion line on the left ha ha (I should get paid for this he he). It will be a better & more beautiful world if we believe in comfort of a stranger ha ha


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