Don’t Be Nothing But A Number

One death is a tragedy, one million is statistic

-Joseph Stalin-

Recently, there’s an incident which occur in front of presidential palace in Indonesia, suddenly a guy burn himself to death. Issue, speculation & rumor sparks like wildfire. Unfortunately he, who later identified as Sondang an activist, didn’t leave any message whatsoever regards his motive. Besides the tragedy, some people will mock his method of action as foolish, even some people make a joke that he probably in the verge of nervous breakdown or stress so he chose to end his life with a bang (pun intended). Unfortunately what supposed to be a martyr, a trigger to revolution will probably just ends up at some note of some event in 2011.

I don’t know Sondang motives to burn himself to death, but if U asks me probably is a sign that there’s still some fight, some will, an urge to prove that we are alive. People tend to prefer something that suits them, like hikikomori in Japan that choose to live in fantasy world, in virtual world, thus somehow we build a gap between us.

This gap makes us feels alienated, apart or even insignificant. What worse is, that feeling is a common trait for us nowadays. With technology like Blackberry, Facebook, twitter, etc. We make a distant to those around us, analogy is like this, we made those who are far feels close while the one who close feels far, then gradually we lost contact with other (first we lost interest in physical contact, next we lost interest to interact probably).

Just a note, that’s what most of us will be or probably just some statistic (like Sondang’s case and what Stalin said) like when crime on the street happens, we pay more attention to how often it happens, or when some riot sparks, we just care how many died or the loss it made. We didn’t care for the victim, somehow we lost touch or contact with others. I don’t know if this is signs of we became individualist or what.

Probably it is signs of time, technology that once made to connect us to each other somehow made a gap, a distant between us. Or it is something other like modernity or what? I don’t know. Bottom-line we didn’t care enough for other, even in the village (most people said that this individualism happens only in city).

I mean, lets keep it real, in my workplace, it used to be Human Resources Department, but now it’s Human Capital. People are nothing but an asset, a disposable asset. Just like if we saving money in the bank, we will be input as some data, some number, some code. We are nothing but some numbers in the vast sea of data in the network. As long as it more efficient, fast & cheap, human is only a tool. We always love social media in the net that made us more personal with the net, but honestly we all just some data, some number.

U can disagree but that’s what most company or corporation feels nowadays. If I can speak to them, I have an analogy, a squid can’t be a whale, U can’t expect a banyan tree with bean sprouts seed. If U wanna have a reliable, loyal & competent people/employee, U must pay a handful appropriate price for it. Don’t be a scrooge McDuck dude. Minimum wage ain’t cut anymore, people just have to got something more than life, luxury, etc. This can also apply in other situation, don’t take others for granted, if U wants the best thing in life, give Ur best, don’t settle with the second or any kind of stupid justification such as efficiency, people development, simplification if U don’t give a damn about individual. There’s a reason why it called Human Resource, cuz human are different to each other, unique. We can’t be stereotyped. Put the right people in the right place if U wanna make a success recruit or people development. And it pays to have a good employee.

Somehow this writing shows how I felt about the state of my f*#kin office & most company at the moment. Don’t ever stereotype us, Sondang is an example of why we refused to be just statistic, to be nothing but number. He is, along with Batman an example of how individual strife to makes a difference, whether it’s foray success or not is a different story. The most important is they try, they leave a mark in history (no matter how absurd the history is).

To end this stupid rant, I quote one of the most recognized people & his quote about why individual has to treated differently, not just number :

You can have all the money you want in the world, and you can have all the brilliant ideas but if you don’t have the people, forget it

Tony Fernandez (CEO Air Asia)

Don’t be just a number, we are a person, a human. We are unique, even if it mean we have to start a revolution. We could kill cuz in God we trust ha ha.

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