Sing For The Moment, While It Last

Last Christmas I gave U my heart, the very next day U threw it away, sorry he

Kemal jumped! Finally ^_^

he. Last Christmas my family (from mom’s line) held a Christmas party at my uncle’s house. It was cool. As usual I kinda have a role to accompanying my nephew, this year they finally decided to swim (last year they still afraid to swim due to the fact they recently watch Deep Blue Sea at DVD ha ha.

It’s always fun to see someone doing their first step, or first try to anything. Love the anxiety, the enthusiast, the scared part & of course the glad part after they manage to do that. My nephew, there are 2 of those menace, the big one Maliq (the menace) who already brave enough to jump into the pool & the little devil Kemal (the chaos incarnated) who still afraid to jump into the water but eventually brave enough to try & enjoys it ^_^.

Cocky Maliq. Cherish the moment dude, while it last

Man, its bliss to watch those critters, probably this is why most people wants to have kids he he. What I learn from this is how valuable the feeling of success, even just some petty, shallow victory. We usually taken for granted a small success that I think will eventually made us forget how sweet victory is (small one though). Kinda like when I wrote about Shallow Victory on my blog previously.

But I guess our parents also turned us into a grim, grumpy dude. When we were little, our parents cheering every success we made (such as the petty ones like able to jump into water, ride roller coaster, etc) but after we grow up? If we didn’t made quite an achievement or ground breaking performance, we rarely acknowledge or praise. What’s up with that? Since they are grim, grumpy & jaded so they have to pass that negative attitude towards their offspring? This action lead us into ungrateful bastard that takin’ anything for granted any accomplishment that supposed to be cherish.

Well, seeing how kids react really reminded me the first time I ever acknowledged my accomplishment, such as buyin’ PSX & Olympus PEN at my own expense, or even remember the first time I success to ride bus on my own (now I’m kinda addicted to it he he). Those are precious moments, but just like quote from Kung Fu Panda, if I’m not mistaken, the past is history, tomorrow is mystery, right now is a gift, that’s why it called present. We can dwell on the past, we have to move forward, cherish this moment & be grateful for what we have. Sing for the moment, while it last.

So, in commemoration of New Year, if U made New Year resolutions (which I don’t, it’s overrated he he), if U made a resolution or resolutions, don’t exaggerated it. Take one step at a time, don’t bite more than U can chew. If U wanna have six packs, don’t wish for it but try little by little such as sit ups every morning or something like that. Well, since I’m gonna be off for awhile, happy New Year!!! All the best wishes, cheers. Again, sing for the moment! It’s worth all the while since we’re not gonna live forever anyway ha ha.


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