Don’t Be Sad Cuz It’s Over, Be Happy Cuz It’s Happened part II

I still felt down at the bottom of the abyss after I lost my iPhone (who wouldn’t & it cost my saving or approximately 3 times of my monthly salary) but like I wrote earlier, I can’t do a damn thing about it. I just can’t shake the feeling of “what if” or why doesn’t my older Samsung Galaxy that was stolen (but I snapped & realize that all the stuff that I bought is not bought, I “adopt” them, to favoritism one of them is like asking which of Ur offspring is Ur favorite, unethical) please forgive me GL (my Samsung Galaxy’s nickname, I called my iPhone IPman ha ha ha. Dork I know he he).

I'll treasure this stupid moment ha ha

Somehow I remembered I was once wrote a blog entitled Don’t Be Sad Cuz It’s Over, Be Happy Cuz It’s Happened & just wow, somehow my subconscious told me what im supposed to do ha ha. This premonition made me realize that we all just a drifter in this world, or if U religious, we just live temporary in this world. It’s the afterlife that matter, thus everything in this world only temporary. We never really have something, just likes our children, they belong to the future, we just there to help them, to nurture them. Either everything is only entrusted by God or something ethereal ha ha.

Well, since I’m not that religious, I believe that if something belongs to U, it will comeback to U (Like love or that toys or shirt that sold but eventually appear again in store). Knowing that in my case, I will never see him again, all I can say is God rest his soul or to anyone who will wield him (the unfortunate guy who purchase my stolen IPman), please treat him delicately & to the one who stole him, die U MOTHER-F*3ER-SON OF A *ITCH!! May Ur soul rotten in hell U good of nothing bastard (ha ha ha, still I just can’t forgive him or even me for what happens). But I remember this somehow :

Damn straight B-man!!!

Well, to be honest, having IPman (or any apple product in general) is kinda hard for beginner or casual customer (such as Windows user). He is really arrogant in the connectivity. He can’t connect to other device via Bluetooth (unless it’s another apple product) even when connected via USB cable, he will be recognized as digital camera. If U wants to change or transfer file, especially music or video, U have to install itunes (updated version since my old MacDaddy my Macbook’s nickname have to updated in order to connect with IPman). Sum it all, it’s hard at the beginning (like everything in life) but once U used to it, it grows on U even I come as far as I dare to say that Android is poor-man’s iOS (operation system for apple) ha ha sorry Android fan’s that’s my personal opinion. No wonder Steve Jobs hates Android, the interface, the Android market, it’s kinda same ha ha. But despite the connectivity problem, I fell in love with IPman, HARD.

Other thing that I love is his camera. I know it’s only 5 mega pixel, but man does he knows how to capture my special moments (I share with U later ha ha). Oh, & the application is somehow more user friendly than Android (honestly, if U asks me, apple is more user friendly but Android is more preferable if U want to explore the program, apple serves its user while Android give its user a material to explore).

Man, it’s only like 4 months but damn I will treasure our time together IPman. Damn I miss U big time ha ha. Rest In Piece brothers. Oh, this is some of the photo that I manage to save from IPman to my MacDaddy. God it’s good to have U even for a while bro.

Reminds me of Bandung ha ha
Here comes the sun...
Other side of Bandung

Damn, there’s so much more of those special moments we share, guess I have to works out my photography skill in my PEN & not spoiled by Ur application bro he he.

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