New Found Obsession For 2012

Don’t know what’s gotten into me, suddenly I have this urge to write some stupid story about something, anything. Guess somehow my subconscious told me to try to be a writer or something. So, I just decides to open a new blog dedicated to write some stupid book or novel about what’s gotten into my stupid/dangerous mind he he.

I have lots of idea in my head, the one that I already try to write is about two brothers, twin, but one is alive & other is dead. Confuse? Well, at first I don’t know whether the dead brother is a ghost or just some imaginary friend, I’m gonna let the flow decided ha ha.

The other story is bout some serial killer who decided to start a killing spree cuz there’s nothing good on TV so he decides to give something worth watching to the viewers. And there’s also some idea bout a guy who is obsessed with camera so he documented everything, his life including behind the lens. To make it short, a cycle of life from born to die behind the lens.

Ha ha, between this obsession & to fill this blog also my so-called life, I don’t know if I can handle it, but guess all I can say is, here goes nothing!!!

PS : Do check my other blog/story, but I wrote it in Indonesian language though, called Review-Preview, about thjat twins I mentioned earlier he he. Check them  at here. Please give some feedback, some insult, anything he he