Avenger vs X-Men? No Expectation, Just Give Us Some Good Brawl!!!

Well, Marvel comic recently released a teaser of awesome, supposedly, crossover between Avenger and X-Men, entitled, Avenger vs X-Men. So, if U’r not excited, either U’r not a comic fan or Ur a jaded comic fan. Let’s consider Ur a jaded comic fan, like me ^_^. Anyway, experience told us that most of any crossover is only some lame attempt from publisher to dig some money from reader.

Knowing that, I wonder why I still have some spark of anticipation for this. Well, maybe cuz I love X-Men I think anyone who considered themselves as freak, misfit, or any form of less sociable person could relate to bunch of people who just tried to live & protect the world that hates & scares them. I dare to say I love X-Men (with Wolverine as exception, he is overrated). Why they fight? We don’t care as long as it cool & awesome! Style over substance is the idea ha ha ha.

To make it more cool, now X-Men is split into 2 parties, one with Cyclops in Utopia, harboring their heavy hitters such as Magneto (yup the once arc-enemy now joining Cyclops), Namor (The prince of Atlantean who could withstand Hulk on a fistfight), Colossus (infused with Juggernaut power now & appetite for destruction. COOL!!!), Hope Summer (probably have the same power as Phoenix) & others (C’mon, even as individual these are the best in the business). Other party is with Wolverine who now become headmaster of Jean Grey School for gifted children with regular X-Men such as Iceman, Beast (the hypocrite who choose sides with the Avenger rather than fight along other mutant when Utopia under attack), etc. Bottom-line, today’s X-Men are kick-ass & probably the world strongest team (especially Cyclops team, the X-tinction).

The Avenger? Well, U guys probably already know (this year movie adaptation will released also anyway). What makes it compelling, Wolverine & Beast is an Avenger! So the battle will be interesting. So here is the first teaser which give all comic fans what they wanted, Cyclops team vs Avenger. Check it out.

Awesome!!!! Can't wait for Cycke vs Caps

But then Marvel release another teaser, which somehow makes all comic fans scratching their head, cuz not only all X-Men includes in the battle (Wolverine team such as himself & Beast, even Iceman, Gambit, Rogue, etc) even Wolverine & Beast switch to Cyclops side! This is dumb!!! Where’s the continuity? The…I don’t know what but something is really stupid here I can’t exactly point what cuz it’s so wrong in any level of the terminology of wrong. Even Hulk (the green one), Spiderman & The Thing is joining Avenger (in case U didn’t know, since Johnny Storm A.K.A. Human Torch presumably dead, Spiderman & Doctor Doom is joined the Future Foundation, some replacement of Fantastic Four). Even the match-up is stupid, how come Emma Frost vs Hulk & Colossus fought The Thing? Hell, even Cyclops fought Hawkeye & guess who fought Captain America? Wolverine!! Dumb.

Dumb match
Colossus vs Thing while Emma fight Hulk?
Cyke vs Clint? Stupid
Guess who fights Cap, overrated

Good thing is, Marvel then released the promotional cover for it & boy did we just relieve by it ha ha. This is what we want, Cyclops team vs the newest Avenger roster (including the overrated Wolvie & that hypocrite Beast ha ha). So, just give me some good brawl & results, bet all comic fans wont complaint.

Finally, Scot vs Roger
fair matches


All of the image so far. This is the most that give a weapon of mass destruction heart scale :

Clossus vs Hulk!!!!

Don’t give a damn bout the story if the battle awesome he he. Just give us some good brawl here Marvel.


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