Run Baby, Run…Like Hell!!!

I just joined gym club / fitness club, something that I never thought I’d do in gazillion years ha ha. It’s not like I don’t have the interest in it (as a avid comic fan probably my self conscious categorized ideal body as super heroes body such as Batman or Spiderman), I just thought that I already jaded by office work, why I should exhausted myself more, or did I need to drop another sweat if I already tired by my job. Turning point is when I realize I’m not a junkie anymore & my stomach is looks like I’m having a baby, also my stamina is lame (I’m afraid I can’t last long in bed ha ha ha).

Thus I join the gym & there I saw this funny quote that tells running will make U live longer. Well, any exercise will make U healthier & probably make U live longer than those who don’t, it’s a common fact. But somehow it crossed my twisted mind that running is really will make us live longer, & it’s not the common fact as it makes Ur cardio better, prevent from heart attack, diabetes or other crap like was told in this article.

This is a list of why running is literally makes us live longer, now imagine end of the world style where all the chips are down, every music U will hear is grind core or minimally metal or if U love Terminator, machine has taken over the world, or if U prefer zombie-apocalypse like me, zombie has taken over the world (the type of my twisted mind could imagined he he) Here is some reason why running will make U live longer :

1.      It will prevent U from unnecessary fight

Ever played Resident Evil 3? If U ever played it, or just probably heard of it, U’ll

Would U let this thing alive? Kill him!!!

know a character named Nemesis, an almost unstoppable Juggernaut (ha can’t be killed, yet, till the end of the game where we could decide to kill or let him live, & why would we let this motha-f%#cka live anyway?) the zombie with intelligence (he can shoot an RPG to a chopper!!!) with tendency to pop up out of nowhere to scared the $hit out of U. We have 2 options, either to fight this behemoth or run like hell & save our @$$.

What would U choose? I’d rather die another day to fight another fight. I mean, it’s like the more U fly the more U risk Ur life. Life is full with uncertainty & death lurks at every corner, why take more risk if we could avoid it & live our pitiful life longer. Run baby, run…like hell.

2.      It saves U some ammo or any life preservation

Situation, just like Resident Evil situation, or U just ambushed or met some threat, why would U fight (with the chances that U could lost) & waste some ammo or life preservation (first aid kit, ransom, etc). Save it for emergency dude. Be wise & be smart.

I'd rather run & save some ammo for another day

Remember we’re not playing video game where we always (mostly) win the battle. So, change Ur mind set that running is cowardly act, it’s a smart & tactful act that will ensure that we could save some asset (@$$ & ET, alien bottom?) for tomorrow.

3.      If “it” can’t catch U, U live & survive

Too big to run I bet!!!

If U watch thriller genre, the first mistake most people do is stay & fight the evil. It’s not wrong, but if U wanna live & survive, run. Some will say that the evil will come & haunt U no matter what, probably true but bear in mind that at the very least, U’ll live longer than suckers who stay, fight & died first ha ha.

OK, this may not sound right, but watch this clip from Nike first that really captures what I always thought after seeing that kind of movie. If U saw it, tell me what U think? Logic right, especially if we’re dealing with psycho like Mike Meyers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, if U could out run them (while avoiding streets or any other media where they can use any kind of transportation such as car, bike, etc, U will survive. Rubble to dollar U will survive.

4.      Natural selection will save U

If U ever hike (a mountain), chances are U already heard this idiom, a stupid story like this :

“One day, 2 people are hiking a mountain & the other asks the other person, “Why did U use a jogging shoes when U hike a mountain?” the other guy answers, “So if I run to a bear, I could outrun him”. The other guy asks again, “U know that bear runs faster than us, U should just lay pretending to be dead, though it sometimes fails”. The others said, “I just have to run faster than U & I already 1 step ahead ^_^”

So, if U could run faster than the other guy, chances are the others would die first cuz the slower on will be devoured first ha ha ha. It’s a natural selection, Charles Darwin must be proud & spinning in his grave knowing only a handful of people would survive apocalypse ha ha.

This seldom happens, so just run!!!

Oh, image courtesy of Thnx guys

5.      Run will prevent U from stress, cuz it will stress other ^_^

U don’t have to be put in apocalypse situation to know this. Let’s say in the office there will be a meeting or conference the next day & U just can’t finish U’r tasks in time. What would U do? Admit it’s U’r fault that the meeting will be a catastrophe? Most people will probably “run” such as said he was sick or something. Let the other handle the problem ha ha.

Let’s say that U were ambush by a horde of zombie, werewolf, etc that suits U’r preference. U’r HQ has been invaded & everybody try to run, some try to fight, what would U do? Fight? Just run & let the other to handle all problems, let them be the distraction while U run like hell ha ha ha. So, happy go lucky. Stress free life cuz other will take care of it ^_^.

Leave the mom & child to die dude he he.

BTW, image courtesy of thnx also dude

 Yep, running is really makes U live longer. Guess we have to train our self, like it or not he he. Believe me, when the world ends, the judgment day finally come & everybody running-every man for himself mode on, U don’t wanna be the last of the pack he he. To make it more macho, let’s just pretend that the idiom “gentleman will walk but never run” is some propaganda that were spread by those too lame to run ha ha.

Why am I write this anyway? Probably I also “run” from reality cuz I’m tired or something ha ha (fitness is exhausting probably). Run baby, run…like Hell!!!!


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