This Used To Be My Playground & I Kinda Miss It

Flash news, which somehow is a useless info, my working place has been

Empty Hallway...

moved. I usually work at 6th floor but now we moved (though to be specific, 6th floor dweller is splits into several locations, even some Department move into another building) to the 10th floor. It’s only 2 weeks but somehow I feel a little nostalgic & out of nowhere have the urge to see what happens on the 6th floor that probably being renovated.

It’s not like that place have some special meaning or something, though I spent (or wasted, depends on point of view) almost 4 years in that floor. Probably there something that has been attached within me, something special probably, so I just went there to find out & surprise-surprise, I feel somehow sentimental & lost something.


Too see the place usually packed with energy, with life now turned into soulless ghost floor (yeah I kinda trespassing & enter that floor he he). It’s always left some uneasy feeling, even if U claims U have nothing, anything toward something, to see some drastic changes in it will give some Impact to U. I kinda miss the time I spent (wasted) there, that corner I used to humming into my mp3, those people that sharing floor with us, bottom-line is that this ghost floor used to be my playground that somehow I refuse to accept that it changes.

Well, somehow I learned that everything must come to an end in order to start

I miss that chair ^_^

something new (no matter what kind of new that is, it may becomes worst or better). Nothing last forever, if there’s a meeting/gathering there will always be a separation/goodbye. Life is a series of event that seems random with it ups & downs. We have to prepare for everything or to be more suitable, expect the worst while prepare for the best.

Funny thing is, I never felt like this when I was graduated from high school or graduated from college, maybe I am an anti-social ha ha. But then again, we learn something new everyday & most likely, I will have that uneasy feeling now since now I have steady relationship he he.

Well, all I can say is just like in Kung Fu Panda, the past is history, the future is mystery, now is the gift, that’s why it called present. Guess we have to just live & learn the uncertainty of life. Oh, another things I learned bout this experience came from movie happythankyoumoreplease (yes, that’s the title & its confusing but it’s a great movie, a “feel-good” movie, do check it out), is that U have to be thankful for what U’ve got & everything that will come to U & say that magic words “happy-thank-you-more-please” in order to have more he he. Cheers for the uncertainty, surprise & bless, even the bad-luck, tragedy that will come & add spice to our life, for without it life will be dull ha ha.

We won't be like this forever but we'll surely remember it that way he he

PS : What the hell am I doing!!! Instead of studying for test here I am babbling about some stupid floor ha ha ha. Hell que sera sera, C’est La Vie \(^o^)/)


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