No More Mr. Nice Guy (Sort Of)

Nice guys finish last.
You’re running out of gas.
Your sympathy will get you left behind.

“Nice Guy Finish Last” by Green Day

Recently, I overheard a funny story between 2 students (from the uniform I

Candid shot = blurry

can tell that they are middle high school student). One student said that he was just rejected by girl of her dream (wet dream?) cuz that girl likes the school bully, the jock, the bad boy (& other notorious reputation that this “jerk” has). The other one replied that he was rejected cuz he is such a “nice guy”, too shallow or dull, not interesting or have added value to be boyfriend material. I just snapped, wow, this is true, like the old saying goes “nice guy finish last” they won’t win the race ha ha.

This is interesting from my point of view, cuz most women said there’s only 2 types of man, jerk or gay (which we can conclude that a perfect guy is a gay whose also a jerk ^_^). So, where is this Mr. Nice guy placed on that equation? Gay? Wow, being a nice guy is classified as grey area nowadays huh? Funny cuz most of my friend (girl, but not girlfriend) always tell a sob story bout how they treated badly by their boyfriend & they wish they get a better man but they just can’t stay away from bad boy type.

Really funny, all women said they want good guy, a nice guy but we all know that jerk gets the girl, it’s bitter truth or this world, this also happens in man’s world, like Bowling For Soup song “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” or that book “Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart” probably there are alluring things bout the dark side (no wonder most of us, OK, me & other Star Wars fan-boys wants to be Darth Maul & Darth Vader rather then those Jedi).

But why, lets focus on girl, do girl digs bad boy? Maternal instinct to make the wrong (bad boy) into right? Or maybe cuz bad boy is more interesting or provides more challenge to conquer? Or it’s just some opposite attract that made us interested to things we don’t have (bad attitude) or bad boy is like some forbidden fruit that itching to be grasp? Or bad boy somehow shows some degree or confident rather than nice guy? Or some sub-conscious of women that somehow they just want to be dominated by man (in this case bad boy).

It’s like we saw muscle car with all it’s glory (ridiculous fuel consumption, insane unnecessary speed, oversized body & wheel, bottom-line full of crap but looks cool) we all just awe & jaw dropped but when we see small compact city car (efficient, electric power, etc) we just like..well, OK (but not excited). Or just like to choose between fast food & healthy food, U know its bad for U but U just can’t resist it.

Bet U choose the Hummer. I do ^_^

So, what becomes of nice guy nowadays? Even nowadays, there’s a wikipedia page that define “nice guy” which said : Nice guy is a term in the general public discourse and in popular culture describing an adult or teenage male with friendly yet unassertive personality traits in the context of a relationship with a woman. Conclusion, nice guy don’t get girl? Hopefully they don’t become gay ^_^.

Why am write this? I remember that I have a neighbor, an old lady, who said this to me, “Dit (my name that is), U r a nice boy & that’s good. But U know, girl don’t date nice boy. They want bad boy as their date. But when they want serious relationship (married), then they search for nice boy like U”..Am I a nice guy? Come to think of it…if Ur friend (which happens to be a girl) spend a night in Ur boarding room & U don’t take any advantage whatsoever, are U stupid, gay or just a nice guy? (OK, I slept on the living room don’t blame me, blame my conscious) Or the fact that I don’t take advantage of tipsy girl on the club, try helps stranger (which happens to be girl again) crossing the street out of nothing (nor reward), or any other occasion that involving my interaction with girl …Hell no!!!! I am Mr. Nice Guy!!! Though not exactly one, but if there’s such thing as honor among thieves my friend said I would be one.

OK, let’s say I’m Mr. Nice Guy, if being Mr. Nice Guy means that U don’t get lots of girls (I spent, yes spent not wasted, 7 years of my pathetic puny life for something that have no future whatsoever from the start, but somehow I have faith in, & I trade those years for some best years of my life, I don’t know & don’t care if this is some sort of denial or what like I wrote on my earlier blog ^_^). Let’s say I’m Mr. Nice guy though I think I’m more jerk than nice guy ha ha.

Back to Mr. Nice guy in general….wow, I mean, is being a nice guy means that we probably just get “the second best” or “used item” (the girl that probably being abused by bad boy), sorry if it offence anyone but U know the old saying “Don’t accept if the seal is broken” than probably after all those girl being “abused” (do Ur worse here, had sex, betrayed, lied, cheated, etc) than after they sober from that condition, they search a nice guy as last resort? What R we anyway, redemption booth? But then again, personally I won’t mind buying 2nd hand goods even if the “seal is broken” what matter most it functioned properly, just like girl, if I like that girl I’ll take it as she is (if U catch my drift he he).

So what’s the conclusion? Since this world is full of jerks, guess being Mr. Nice Guy is OK. Maybe we don’t win at first (hopefully we get the last laugh) or maybe even if we don’t get the last laugh (sometimes we get laughed at) at the very least we live with dignity & pride (if that still matters) knowing that in this world full of jerks we try to make life easier for everyone (yep, even those jerks). Just do it for the sake of the balance in this universe he he.

PS : I find it funny cuz girls wants bad boy that is nice, loving & kind only for them, while boys wants nice girl that is naughty, kinky & bad only for them. No wonder we never met agreement on ideal criteria ha ha


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