The Raid Afterthought, Over-hyped or Meets It Expectation?

Last Week I watched The Raid, Indonesian film, a film that had won many praise

Awesome movie

& award from international award, such as Toronto Film Festival, Sundance, etc, so does the movie meets its expectation or just an over-hyped? Read it & found out.

Well, first thing first, what do U expect when U watch a movie? Excellent story telling? Convoluted script that mind blowing & ground breaking? Breathtaking action sequence that made U glued to the seat? Well, sadly, this movie only meets the latter part, the action sequence.

U don't need tattoo or big body to be bad @$$ like Mad Dog

Just like a porn movie, this movie is a full throttle from beginning to the end. A movie that dedicated to action, that’s it. Don’t expect some great acting (which is rare, but the bad guys is awesome though, especially Mad Dog played awesomely by Yayan Ruhian & the big boss played by Ray Sahetapi), this is action movie at its finest (sit there on my favorite list of action movie like Project A from Jackie Chan or any of Toni Jaa movies). Honestly though, U won’t watch porn movie for its story right? That’s why the story doesn’t really matter to begin with.

If U wondering what’s the story, well the premise is simple, a special team sent to infiltrate & catch big boss in his hideout, abandon apartment, that’s it. Well, there’s a twists like the raid is not what it seems, character relations, etc. But like I mentions before, the best part is the action. It’s so intense that U won’t bothered by tiny details like how come the guys are hard to kill, how come an elite force being ambushed that easy, why does Mad Dog (the best villain in this movie) is so bad @$$ to the point that he is so hard to defeat, or almost all the bad guys is being evil for the sake of…being evil. All that puny details doesn’t matters cuz the action so good that U just glued to Ur seat & enjoy the movie (absence of logic he he).

Well, some of the viewer can’t stand the amount of (explicit) violence (sissy!!! Try watch Hostel or Saw) & get out of the theater while most of the people cheering & clapping. U can tell that this is as realistic as it can be (even the sound effect such as explosion, bone breaking & guns effect are convincing enough) & edited very good. Quite polished movie, especially for Indonesian movie.

Final thought, this movie manage to meets it expectation, a great action movie.

I was orgasm every time he did this

To make a good action movie is hard cuz today’s viewer is critics, sharp & witty, its hard to please us. In the old day, I consider Blood Sport to b an awesome movie, but as years goes by & looking at it now, that was a very stupid movie. Back then, as long as Van Damme doing split kick I will be pleased, or as long as there explosion, sexy girl & fist fight, we all be pleased. Now is a different story, even Tony Jaa movie (not every movie, but my finger pointed to Ong Bak 2) I considered as action porn for it’s only serves fight not a good story, an excuse to watch a guy beat the crap out of other for the rest of movie, action porn maybe he he. But The Raid is a different story, after I digest it & wait for 2 days, not only it deliver action movie at its finest, but manage to squeeze some story, at least U will like the protagonist or even salute the bad guy. Give it a try, since this movie was released globally on 23rd of March, U can watch it & enjoy it. At least I do & stands to my believe that this is one hell of a movie.

PS : Unfortunately, unlike porn movie, there’s no sexy girl in this movie ^_^

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