The Best Thing in Life Aren’t For Me…So What?

You know the best thing in life aren’t for free
You know the best thing in life aren’t for me
“The Best Thing” by Filter

We all want the best thing in life right? We want the biggest house, the prettiest girl (or the most handsome-charming boy) to be our spouse, the brightest most genius kid, etc? We all been brainwashed by some adages such as Dream high, go big or go home, get rich or die tryin’, fly or die, sky is the limit, tomorrow must be better than today, etc. Don’t U just somehow tired? First thing first, life is like a wheel, sometimes we’re on the top of the world & sometimes we’re at the bottom of the abyss, what comes up must goes down.

Since we were told that either success or die (since failure is not an option from the start says those adages) no wonder most of society is filled with stressed-suicidal-apathy-crazy-sick-demented people who can’t accept failure & prefer to die than facing the fact they failed (which somehow funny cuz there are millions way to die but no manual book for how to lead or live a good life, none, nada, zip, nil, well there are some but not as practical as how to ends life or suicide ^_^). But I guess not all of us as hard-core as Japanese with that Harakiri or Seppuku culture to embrace failure. I can tell since this world are filled with walking dead (not zombie, but living people without passion or probably dying since the day they are born well), those whose to dumb to live & to proud to commits suicide.

Guess we all have to change or maybe tilt or shifted our paradigm or point of view a little & accept that life is like a spinning wheel like I mentioned earlier, even a champion has his/her bad day, but what makes a different is the way we come back up & fight again (just like I wrote earlier in my blog Measures of A Man). Imagine a trophy that that everyone craving about but there can be only one, U know that in the path to victory there will be casualties, those who defeats & lost in the game, imagine that achieving victory means U will stands in the pile of broken dreams of others that lost. With that in mind, failure is compulsory rites of passage since there can be only one who will prevail (at least we will know how sweet a victory is since we know how does it feels to fail). The person who never tastes failure is the one who never tried anything. Experience is the best teacher or failure is a delayed success ha.

But then again, what is the best thing in life? Cuz the definition of the best thing is relative, depends on each individual. For me, I don’t need the big house, prettiest girl or the genius kids. Probably I’m just a simple man an ordinary man who want the simple & ordinary thing in life, who live a simple & ordinary life, who probably died a simple & ordinary death (though I wish to go with a “bang” such as die while doing base jumping or while I was saving someone ha ha) cuz I learned that a want is not a need, sometimes what we need is not the best thing in life but something more “suitable” for us.



Red Converse baby!!!

What is the best thing in life? Ask U’r self what U want, what U need & U probably surprised by the answer. For some people, the best shoe is something like Prada, CK, that Manolo thing or sneaker fans will say Fred Perry or other shoe that probably with bank busting price tag. But for me, my favorite shoe is always Chuck Taylor Converse (probably cuz this is the shoes that is wears by Terry Bogard ha ha). Another example is the fact that most people choose Apple products even knowing that there are other products that has same spec with cheaper price.

Think of it, maybe we don’t really need the best thing that were defined by society. I don’t like Rendang (best food in the world some say), I prefer to eat Fried Rice or noodle than Rendang, or I don’t need to have Mazda RX 8 (my dream car) since I already have my lovely Ford Fiesta (not apple to apple since one is a racing car & the other is city car but just like I said, its all relative).

There’s on old adage that said “be thankful for what U have” or “Cui satis est quod habet” (a rich man is those who feel prosperous or suffice with what they have) since sometimes what we already have is what others craves for. U never know what U’ve got till it’s gone, that sometimes what U seek is already in front of Ur eyes but somehow U didn’t realize or probably U deny to accept that the one thing that U need the most is the one that U already had. Sometimes we don’t really need the best thing in life, sometimes what we need is what we already have he he, yeah, the best thing in life aren’t for what. If U can’t be with the one U love, love the one U with he he.


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