Find Serenity, Peace & Sense of Clarity from Public Transportation

Either U believes it or not, I love public transportation. I know most of public

I ride this one

transport, especially in Indonesia, is uncomfortable, late, and slow or bottom line not user friendly. OK, I admit that, the only reason I use public transportation (in my case Trans Jakarta Bus) is cuz its cheap & its all that matters (I even don’t give a damn if I’m late everyday he he). No matter what U said, I’ll always considered public transport for my leisure trip, even honestly that riding public transportation is a test of will, might & wit. It’s a highly congested area filled with shark-hungry like competitor for the best seat ha ha.

Well, to sum it all, in Indonesia, most public transportation is dark dingy, smelly (well the new vehicle with AC usually feels nice at first but along with time it sucks eventually. Indonesian well known for our ability to can not maintain things he he) & again, to sum it all, not recommended to be ride he he. So, besides the cheap factor, what could possibly lead me to like to use public transportation? Believe it or not, it’s the antithesis of modern life, the fact that it’s late, not fast & U has to have big portion of patience ha ha.

Seriously, modern life leads us to become nothing sort of a robot, go to point A to B, one job to another job, one assignment to another one. We have no time for “me time” or even to keep in touch with our humanity, to have a proper interaction with another living being (we used to communicate via text, or by phone without meeting face to face). We live in a fast lane, instant era where everything happens in a “click” that somehow I kinda miss the joy of waiting (I know waiting is the most annoying job, but somehow it’s the process that makes it all worthwhile he he, the art of waiting makes the success more sweet or the failure more bitter, spice of life he he). That’s where public transport makes the idea of “slowing down” a little seems acceptable, if its not forceful in some way.

If U rides a public transport, U can see various ranges of people, from the most poverty to sometimes a very rich & prosper guy. U can also see the most fashionable guy to the most “I don’t give a damn what U think” style (hell sometimes U could see LGBT in the most honest style they should wear, U know that tights couture he he). Or U can hear the latest rumor straight from the street such as gasoline price, the declining moral of youth etc, or the latest trend or slang he he.

Well, that’s for everyone, but for me, I love the fact that I could slow down a little & enjoys life at its best, the waiting game (believe it or not, life is a waiting game, wait to be born, wait for right moment to do something, hell we even waiting for our time to die). In public transport I could just stand & do anything, such as listening to radio & mp3 (the best time to hear music since all we have to do is listening without any distraction), read a book, watching people, or even find some idea (this is the best spot to find inspiration besides bathroom or toilet ^_^).

Time to think...

In public transport I have “me time” for myself to do some retrospective, to analyze everything, to review all the stupid things I do till now. Come to think of it, I started to write blog after I started to work. Previously, all my spare time is used to play video game (the thing I seldom do now). I also lost my insomnia tendency after government decide to rise the price of the gasoline & more people decided to use public transport & it felt like a sauna there & lack of oxygen, U will be exhausted then fell asleep right after U reach home ha ha.

So, I guess I encourage everyone to at least give a shot to ride public transport,

Come join us he he

U never know what U will get, maybe U met girlfriend/boyfriend material, or find some new colleague or friend. Try meddling with us common people he he.

PS: I always hope that when Indonesian government finally finished MRT, it will be as hip as New York MRT or subway where everyone is so stylish, & the schedule is on time.


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