Everything Is Less…Significance Under This Abundant Sky

Man is born to live, not prepare for life

Doctor. Zhivago

News flash, I just lost my wallet couple of days ago, hence I have to report to the police, makes my ID again, ATM card, etc. Its pain in the @$$ to handle such bureaucracy (what’s the point of going round when it’s a straight line? Oh, yeah baby!! Bureaucracy ha ha). As a normal people will do, I should’ve cursed & swear to everything & anything, let go all the rage inside but strange at it seem, I don’t do that….some how.

Think about it, my problems are, in some way just some freckle, some dust in this universe. Everyday something worse happens, genocide, killing, economic falls, etc. My problems are nothing compares to them. Then somehow Pearl Jam songs “Alive” suits me well, after all that $hit happens, I still alive, I survive, whatever that doesn’t kill me will only makes me stronger like Nietzsche said.

I used to complaint or prayed to God for something like this but I guess I won’t do that anymore. Everything happens for a reason, like when my sister said, maybe this happens cuz I don’t pay zakat (in Islam, every penny we made 2.5% of it have to be donate to the poor cuz in our income consist of the help & rights of those unlucky people), which I paid or my friend said this happens cuz I don’t lent my money for her ha ha. Who knew, only God knows why but it’s not my problem to know anyway ha ha.

Well, $hit happens, sometime you win sometime you lose, nothing good can last, also nothing bad can last. After all the $hit happens, sun will always rise tomorrow, hell!!! Even if I die the world will still turn (unless it’s the end of days ha ha). All my problems are less…significance under this abundant sky, under everything that supposed to happens in the future. We can’t change the past (unless U has a time machine), what we can do is only accept it, take it like a man. I got other problems I have to face, I got 99 problems but the bitch ain’t one Jay Z said ha ha.

I know it’s strange, but somehow after everything that happened to me such as lost my Iphone, didn’t make it to Bank Indonesia, & other $hit, guess I already accept that $hit always happens. Somehow I know everything is temporary, ephemeral, including sadness, happiness & everything in life. Guess man is supposed to live, not prepare for life ha ha. Just ride the roller coaster called life & enjoy it. Again, everything is less…significance under this abundant sky.

Today is a new day indeed

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