Made For Each Other?

Ohh, maybe, we were made
We were made for each other
Ahh, is it possible for the
World to look this way forever?
Ahhh, Ahhh…

Jack’s Mannequin – MFEO Pt. 1: Made For Each Other

Well, out of nowhere, when I heard one of my favorite band songs, the one I mentioned above, I was wondering that is the idea of made for each other is really applicable or even remotely true? I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not I don’t believe it…OK, I admit I don’t buy that crap! It’s a stupid idea sold by manufacturer so they can get profit from stupid love couple (especially in valentine day). Ha ha.

I’m a Mac user & every time I bought their product, the manual book (or even the first time U started up the macbook & registered Ur account) there will be a message that said, if I’m not mistaken, “Congratulations, you and your Mac were made for each other”  & U know what crossed my mind? I just sell my soul to the devil ha ha.

Sold my soul to the devil he he

U know, the concept made for each other is as old as civilization it self (funny civilization or civilize to be exact. sounds kinda like syphilis he he), maybe we can trace back to concept of religion, the first human is Adam & Eve (where Eve is made form Adam’s rib) & somehow all of us have that “other half” or “missing piece” to complete us. Even in Greek myth we all in search of our other half that being split by the Gods.

Romantic at it’s best but also kinda ridiculous at the same time if U asks me. I mean, numbers of men & women in this world is not even, supposedly there’s someone who will be left out cold in the dark without any mates whatsoever (don’t forget the part about LGBT, did they even includes in the equation of made for each other or that newborn that died when they are birthed, did they have a soul mate?) that’s a valid proof that made for each other is unproven, not valid & questionable as a concept or as a fact. Maybe I can put it this way, made for each other or U can say “soul mate” is as easily replaced, refill, or any other kind of re, just like coffee mate ^_^.

Well, it’s not like I hate the concept or the idea, I know that feeling when U just “click” with someone & somehow, though U can explain it, she or he is the one (I even get the jitters when I bought a cell phone, noted that all this time I only replaced my phone cuz it was stolen or broke though now I bought new one cuz I used different phone to, well phone-text-stand by & to on line ha ha). That feeling is somehow written on our DNA to know that someone is made for us (though somehow most of it just an illusion of love or some “only hope” that really strong it shut down our logic to differentiate what is real or not).

But then again, look at the state we live in, in Islam the ends of day signs, one of it though, is when woman is outnumbered man (which is happens now). With the unbalanced number, & don’t forget LGBT that create rift in the equation, made for each other is nothing but a vague concept that probably only a state of mind. But as vague as it is, to believe in it is to be able to make it happens. Just like happiness or perfection is state of mind, if U believe that made for each other is true, well U can make it, like the old saying, if U can dream it, U can achieve it. Maybe Ur mind can decided if he/she is the one that was made especially for U he he.

So, in some way, made for each other is a possibility created from our state of

Meet my lil’ brother Buffer!!!

mind. Just like the time when I suddenly have the urge to bought a doll, stuffed animal to be exact, I just have to bring the little guy home, so I adopt it & ever since he is my little brother that accompanying me every day he he. Guess the little fella & me, we were made for each other ha ha. I still have that same smile every time I saw Buffer he he. Hopefully I could feel this exact feeling for a living being, such as my future spouse, etc.

Probably what I could tell is this, sometimes love is not enough, hell sometimes if we can’t be with the one we love, we love the one we’re with (cuz love at first sight has a thin red line with lust at first sight). Sometimes the one we need it’s not the one that we want. It’s not the perfection that bind us, but the ability to see through the imperfection of our pair that makes us feel enough & comfort to the end. To find the person that always makes U feel special, feel needed or wanted (besides pet he he). But both parties needs to feel the same way. If U can find that kind of person, probably U can say that “we’re made for each other”.

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