Perpetual Adolescent

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing

George Bernard Shaw

Recently, I went to another toy exhibition, not a toy fair since this is only a small exhibition in a mall, but that’s not what bugged me. It’s the way my dad ask me whether my girl complained or not about this hobby of mine (comic, figures, etc) & how childish I am. Well, he always said that I should grown up & leave this hobby of mine, which somehow I instantly denied cuz hey, my dad collecting strange ornament such as animal head, doll from specific country, ethnic stuff, weapon, etc. Look at those “hobby” of yours & U told me to stop mine? Yeah right, like preaching about simple life by some phony guru from his bigger than life mansion!!!

OK, I admit maybe my hobby is a “little” childish, but hey, some people collecting sport car, some collecting stamp, some collecting gadget, even jerk collecting hit list of girls he laid, I guess it’s OK for some people to have this kind of hobby and to make it more “acceptable” I collecting “affordable” toys (gashapon, 3.75 – 6 inch figures) & comic (I even buy trade paperback cuz it’s cheaper). U know what they say, boys will be boys..with their “toys” (any kind of it).

Some said that grow old is a compulsory but mature is a choice, but just think what George Bernard Shaw said above. Guess my dad turns into grumpy old man cuz he “stop” doing his hobby (well sometimes he does but I don’t see that spark like mine when I see awesome figures or something that interest me). I mean, my dad is kinda like zombie nowadays, nothing excites him, what he enjoys probably just anything that “acceptable” to him (a little delusional hardheaded grumpy guy). Hell he even refuses to learn anything new (even learned how write & read SMS on cell phone). My dad is a perfect example of what George Bernard Shaw said. He loses the spark, I remember my sister said that once he was a fun guy (don’t know but probably his fortunes went to gutter when I was born…he he guess I was born under a bad sign ^_^).

Enough with my dad, let’s move to something more personal, about people like me, which some people called perpetual adolescent (like this blog title) some sophisticated way to mock or some euphemism of the term childish, or maybe “Peter Pan syndrome” that thing that Jacko (the late Michael Jackson) had, he reason why he hang around kids, building never land, etc.

OK, most people that in the same hobby as mine knows & admit yes that our hobby is a little childish & our only defense is most of our toys price is not affordable for kids (well since my thing is “affordable” some rich kid can afford it I guess) & for what is worth, we admit that this is a little childish, but then again, man is a boy trapped in adult body. Well, guess if we admit it, it’s not that “sick” like Peter Pan Syndrome ha ha. Asks any of figures related aficionado, that the very reason we still collecting figures is some sorts of revenge to our parents cuz they always mock us or even in my case, throw my toys (before I grew up & called them figures) without asking my consent.

even Al Capone believe it

I have this crazy theory, that guys who still digs toys even when they are mature & old, basically just bunch of people that enjoy life & believe that though everything, anything, everybody change, we believe that some things, important things should not change. Yep, we believe that important things should not change, like friend, OK I’m a guy who believe that soul mate is like coffee mate that U could change to your heart consent, but I admit I am hypocrite cuz I believe that friend come & go but true friend, best friend stays. With that train of thought, we preserve what most dear, important, stuff when we were still innocent little kids, figures, comics or to be exact, the heroes that inspired us, that defines us (at least me he he).

Or another theory, man with a hobby like me will probably called geek, but U know what, a geek is probably a curse, a stamp, a label that will stuck with that people, probably for the rest of their life & it happens cuz a geek is a man who being honest with what they like, what they enjoy & we don’t give a damn what others said. We don’t have to pretend to be cool kid, or even grumpy adult. We just wanna be our self & having fun with it. Just looks at tons of hipster that will flock on every trend that happening, change their clothes, their style probably even their identity to fit into society. A geek is a geek. Period. And I damn proud of being one. Geek since 1983 ha ha.

People like me also the least people who probably will commit suicide, what’s the defense of this crazy statement? Cuz people like me have easy way out of stress, I mean all I have to do is coming home, looking at all my collection, somehow all burden is gone ha ha. OK this is not valid cuz some geek is “growing up” become boring person he he. But people with hobby or even his job are his hobby is a lucky guy cuz we know how to have fun & escape from stress (even just for a while).

So for what it’s worth, don’t look down on people like us, people with perpetual adolescents symptom cuz we just a bunch of people that wanna have fun in our own way. Just a bunch of people that try to survive this crazy world with our own way. We just people like U, just a little weird but hey, we all are stranger to one another ha ha. We never know people 100%, there’s always something that we don’t know bout that person, so let’s just try to live life without mocking each other he he.

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