Some of the Best Dude Flick

Since I were hospitalized & spends 3 weeks on my home, I have enough spare time to watch movie, then I realize something….So, most of U knew that woman has their own genre such as chick-lit, chick flick, etc but what about boys or dude? OK, U can say that since there is chick genre, other genre besides chick is for dude or every age & sex. But c’mon!!! There is gazillion of chick magazine, they were inform how to deal with life, how to groom, how to eat, how to get a job. Dude? A handful magazine that were taught us how to get laid, how to score chick, etc (OK, sarcasm but I hope U get the idea).

Somehow dude is being marginal all of a sudden he he, so I decided to create my own genre, some lose term called dude genre & to narrow it down, I decided to make some list of the best dude flick, one of the best movie about dude life, bro-mantic (but not gay), about love (through dude point of view), bottom line, all about dude, dude at their best & at their worst (Again, dude here means men, doesn’t matter what age they are).

So, here are some of the best dude flicks I ever watched, for chick who read this, I recommend this movie so U will understand how dude think & act he he (some spoiler may contains he he :

1.      Trainspotting

First movie that popped on my mind, this movie not exactly dude flick, I even admit that this movie is the epitome of kids of the 90’s : slackers. Yep, this movie is here for the reason that this movie is an honest portrait of slackers, drug addict, and life after the sun set he he. Bout the dude flick? Well, most dude is “Carpe Diem” or seize the day but in the wrong direction, we don’t give f*#k bout tomorrow just like our hero Mark Renton who only live for today while trying to get high & get through today (with stealing, abusing drugs, etc). Most people will choose life, TV, anything, but 90’s generation? We choose not to choose ha ha. BTW, the title derived from on of the scene in the novel (which somehow cut out from the movie) where our hero & his friend used to waste their time watching trains goes by (cool eh? They cut the event that inspired the title, go 90’s!!!!).

That’s what this movie is all about, coming of age, went wrong. In the beginning Mark Renton (played by Ian McGregor), the main guy is a rebellious dude who refuse to be like everyone else (choose job, career, TV, etc). But in the end of the movie told us that finally the guy is joining the dark side & choose to choose life, to choose job, to be like us he he (after all the event that made him realize that sometimes in life something must go this way, such as growing up, sell out, etc).

2.      500 Days (of Summer)

I know this is cliché, but then again, cult movie, awesome soundtrack, Zooey Deschanel (who kinda like Katty Perry but cuter), U can’t argue this movie is good. I know the ending didn’t satisfying for chick (but that’s what dude is chick, we just roll and roll). I mean, if U never saw this movie, U miss a lot of stuff. This is not a love story, at least happy one, it is a story of Tom (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) meets Summer (Zooey Deschanel) and everything that happens in between those 500 days.

This is one of the most memorable & heartwarming movie for dude ha ha. My favorite part is the end when Tom met Autumn (played by the lovely Minka Kelly he he) and it all happened all over again he he 500 days of Autumn. Some men will never learn ha ha.

3.      Spread

What can I say bout this movie, well besides the fact that the sex scene is kinda like those that U watch on semi porn, this movie is some guidance to pick up (and score) chick. This is story of Nikki (played by Ashton Kutcher), I don’t know if he is a gigolo or what, but he is a homeless, jobless dude who preys women who have money, one night stand that turned into love story for some weeks or month until one of the part bored then Nikki starts preying another one.

U probably think that Nikki is only just some sex machine (OK, he is good looking, confident & know how to swoop women of her feet & into bed, kitchen, floor & almost any surface ha ha) but he fell in love with a girl named Heather (I forgot who played it) but here’s the catch, Heather is Nikki clone, only she is a girl. Yep, called it karma or something but that’s the twist. The movie ends with Nikki finally try to live life like everybody else, he become delivery guy & even came delivered to some women that he once preyed he he. Call it cruel destiny, but that’s life ha ha. I recommend this movie for every chick to learn which dude is player & not ha ha.

4.      Up In The Air

Well, this is a story bout old people, Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) but we all can relate since this still about identity searching. This is a story bout a guy who in his 40-50 that realized that he spends most of his life for his jobs. He is what he the guy who company search to fire their people (since the company is too scared to dire by their own). He spends most of his life fly by plane from on city to other in his quest to fire people (hence the title Up In The Air). He do it as gently as he could & tell people that this (getting fired) probably the best thing that will happen to them & all that crap but he did quite a good job though somehow it cost him his connection with living being (he didn’t feel any connection even to his family).

His world went upside down after his company decides to cut some budget, especially cost to use airplane & replace it with video conference. This new change made him kinda “unemployed” & has extra time to spend with his family, which he didn’t enjoy at all. At first this new system is run well until some women commits a suicide then the company decides that sometimes, especially with human interaction the best is meet face to face, hence he back in business flying here & there firing people as delicately as possible. Come to think of it, this guy is sacrificing his personal life to do this “noble” job, guess someone has to do the work & he decides that it is his job to do it.

5.      High Fidelity

Rob Gordon (played by John Cusack), sometimes probably like some hipster he he, a guy who is wondering why he never have a lasting relationship with girl. With a premise as simple as that, somehow this movie is a cult hit, the soundtrack, the quotes, this is a good movie that really showed dude point of view (bout love, life, everything).

What makes this movie so memorable is the fact that Rob loves to do monologue that seems like he talks to the audience. Oh, it also deals with the fact that almost every guy is a commitment phobia, when things got serious, we usually chickens out or we have a standard that if U think about it, too high or even ridiculous.

 6.      I Love You, Man

This is not gay story he he, this is the story of Peter Klaven (played by Paul Rudd), who works in real estate business (selling house, condo, etc) & his lack of “relationship with other dude. He never hanging out with his dude peer, never drunk or wasted, bottom line he is a total good guy. Problem came when he realize that he don’t have best men for the marriage. Then he found Sydney Fife (played by Jason Segel), an investor who is attending the showing (like open house where everyone invited so they can see the property that is available) simply to pick up divorced women, bottom line he is total jerk (but in a good way, just some guy having crazy time he he). Thus, this unlikely meeting somehow creates bond between them, what at first seems like a catastrophe (crazy party, drunk-wasted, stupid moves) ended up to be the best thing that ever happens to Peter, he learn how to live life.

Well, this is a story of friendship, male-bonding & sometimes how crazy dude try to do things in the way that sometime other can’t comprehend he he. It’s awesome to know that at the wedding Peter is creates team of best men consisting of random people from gay dude, old guy, even Mike Tyson (yep, the boxer himself).

7.      Art of Getting By

George played by Freddie Highmore) is a teenager with apathy level of “awesome”, some sort of fatalist that believe that we were born alone, live alone & die alone, everything else is an illusion. He perfected the art of getting by (hence the title) of everything in life. It’s not like he is a good for nothing, he is quite an artist, but due to his attitude, he’s on the verge of drop out, which is no problem whatsoever for our hero.

Though it seems that everything is lost, he met Sally (played by Emma Roberts) then life turned into interesting for George, he learns to live life, to take things seriously. Well there’s a twist here & there than probably this sounds like puppy love, but the simplicity of things that makes this movie very interesting, though U know the drill & the ending anyway, coming of age with love story.

8.      Love & Other Drug

Actually, the theme of this movie is kinda like The Art of Getting By, but the main guy, Jamie (played by Jake Gyllenhal) is a jerk who is, quoted from his brother, if he could make money from f*#king girls, he’d be a millionaire ha ha. So the hero is fun, adventurous, cool jerk (opposite of The Art of Getting By) but he also slackers. He avoid hard working (such as being a doctor, which he could but he is too lazy to become one) & prefer to live in happy go lucky life.

But just like The Art of Getting By, Jamie met Maggie (played by Anne Hataway) who had Parkinson. After that his life became more interesting & colorful. Well the ending is cliché but the background story such as pharmaceutical world, doctor, nice dialogue, good casting, etc make this movie so interesting. Give him sense of direction, bla bla bla, the premise is just like The Art of Getting By but the story of Pharmaceutical Corporation is an awesome insight ha ha.

 9.      The Wrestler

This is a story Robin Ramzinski or “The Ram Jam” (played by Mickey Rourke) famous wrestler from the 80’s facing life when he realizes that he can’t cheat life. He is aging & somehow wrestling is not “accessible” anymore. Due to his age, he collapsed after a match & doctor diagnosed that his heart can’t take that kind of physical activity. After retirement Ram tried to live a normal life that he failed gracefully. He failed his daughter, failed with love relationship with a stripper she fell with (though it kinda works out but the ball drop), he even failed to work an ordinary job.

I know it reeks so the drama, why this movie is included in this? Cuz this is how dude reacts when everything went totally in different direction that he hoped, we just don’t give a damn. Remember when in college we has so much to do (report, thesis, date, etc) & we just can’t handle it all, what do we do? We just sleep & like we care ha ha. If it’s the end of days as in religion style, Dajjal or anti Christ came down, society crumble, people killing each other, what do we do? Most dude think hell, if I will go down, I go with a bang, do stupid Rambo style, strap bomb on me & run into enemy, all that crazy stuff. That’s how Ram reacts when everything fails, he back to wrestling world, the world where he is someone, he is cherished, he is a hero, somebody. If he goes down, he goes down fighting. That’s a real man do, stupid but that what we do, either to live for nothing or die for something.

 10.  The 40 Year Old Virgin

Some dude is awesome, some is pathetic, & this is story of the latter dude. Andy (played by Steve Carell) is an awkward guy, 40 year old dude who never get laid (hence the title). U probably know how the story role, in the end he met girl of his dream (not a girl, widow with kids) but what makes this movie so memorable is the dialogue such as “I know why you gay, you like coldplay” or how Andy co-worker decides to help him lose virginity. This is bro story at its best he he.

Highly recommended to see the vulnerable side of dude he he. I can relate to the dude due to the fact that he collects figure & comic he he (my subconscious maybe scared that I might be like him ^_^).

11.      Almost Famous

Another coming of age story of William, dude who wants to be journalist (rock journalist) where he came & went as a crew/groupie in Stillwater, fictitious band, not the real one. William met Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) a groupie that also take tour with him. U know the drill about road trip movie he he. To make it short, William leaving house as a teenager then came home as a young man. This movie is a good insight about music industry, love & coming of age. Some view to how groupie were treated, etc

That’s a wrap, I know there a lot of other movie that deserves to be in this list, but I guess that’s for U to find out (& for me to know). I kinda regret that some movie like I Love You Beth Cooper, or even Indonesian movie Jomblo (where bro before ho didn’t applied) didn’t get into this list.

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