Sometimes U Can Make It On Your Own

One day, a couple decides to take a trip to the city, on their way, they hear people whisper, “Look at those wicked man. Poor donkey has to carry them both. How cruel” after hear that, the wife think that since she can’t ride the donkey, her husband should ride the donkey while she walk at his side. Then they hear people whisper, “Look at that. How selfish the husband that she lets his wife walks while he rides the donkey” so the husband decides to walk while his wife ride the donkey but then they hear another whisper, “how stupid the husband that he lets his wife ride the donkey while he walks. We can tell who’s in charge he he” so finally they both walks along with the donkey & they hear another whisper, “Clueless couple, what’s the use of bring a donkey if they can’t ride it”. After all been said & done, they decide just to ride the donkey & not listening to what other said.

See that picture? Funny thing is, I also heard that story in one of Friday Mass on mosque. There’s also another story with the same theme, which I forgot either I heard it on my kindergarten school or some bed time story from my mom or grand ma :

One day, the frog king said that in order to decide who will be the leader on the next migration, he will held a competition, the frog who can climb the tower in the middle of the forest shall lead the herd to find a safe place for the winter migration. So all the capable frog try their best to climb the tower. All of them are failed, what set the difference is the leader material & common frog is the persistence to try. But no matter how persistent they are, eventually they will give up if no one support them, this is what happen, the crowd shouting, commenting negative things, like “It’s no use, frog aren’t meant to leap or climb that high” or any other negative stuff. But to everyone surprise, one frog manage to climb the tower & to everyone surprise, the winner is a deaf frog. He manage to climb cuz he didn’t hear what the negative stuff the crowd said, instead he thought the crowd was cheering him.

Get the idea? In life, U can’t please everyone. There always someone who will envy of U no matter how hard U tries to please them. Or sometime people will discourage U cuz they think U don’t have what it takes but honestly its cuz they don’t what U to succeed (or even try). Remember the time when teacher wronged U cuz U drawing picture not in the color they want? Remember the time when people teach U how to play instrument rather than play music? Remember peer pressure when most of the gang applying campus “X” while what U really want is applying for campus “Y”? Remember the time everyone said U don’t have the chance with the girl U crush at high school (my friend realized that he had the chance in reunion, the girl said that she also had crush on him he he)?

So, U should listen to what matter most, which is you, yourself. Listen to your heart for what U really wants. Listen to your head/brain for what U really need. For some reason, U can’t lie to yourself so listen to U for a while. Yes we need other in order to survive but sometimes U can make it on your own. It’s your life anyway, so why don’t lead it in your own way. In the end, everyman for himself anyway.

Don’t be like me, when I have the financial to live my life the way I want it, my job & bills won’t let me. While U still young, do something stupid, something U desires so much. Try everything. Don’t be afraid of failure or what people will say. At the very least U tried while other just wondering or even mocking U to have the courage to give it a try & yes, no matter how hard U tried, U can’t please everyone, for the very least, please yourself. Like I said, sometimes U can make it on your own.


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