The Amazing Spiderman, Worthy of Thy Name?

Some people keep tattoo, this keeps scars he he

First thing that comes through my mind when I heard that Sony is making a reboot of Spiderman is “Do we really need a reboot?” I mean, yes, I against the fact that Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker (I think he is too emo or whiny ha ha & not as smart mouth as Peter that we used to read in comic) but for what its worth, Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy is a decent movie (not ground breaking or awesome as other Marvel movie such as Avenger, Hulk, etc but still enjoyable). Sure some said that the third movie dropped the ball, while the first is OK & 2nd is good but it’s not the same catastrophe as batman & Robin that technically killed Batman franchise (asks about Bat-nipple from the avid fans & U will hears unbelievable rant he he) thus a reboot is a must (& Nolan did a really good job reviving the franchise).

So, without knowing what to expect I watch this movie & surprise-surprise, I ended up like this movie. So, lets breakdown this movie into two parts, likes & dislikes. Start with what I likes from this movie:


01. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker & Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy.

Like I said before, its not like Tobey McGuire is bad, but there are things that I don’t like such as he is to whiny, his body too buff or bulky & the major part for me, he ain’t smart mouth enough as Peter (check the comic to see how annoying Peter in mocking, dissing, humiliating his opponent) that’s where Andrew fits the role, he have good body but still looks slim, his not whiny despite everything that happens to him. Emma Stone did a good job as Gwen, yes Gwen character appear in the third movie but did nothing ut a cameo ha ha. People need to know that Gwen defines Peter as Spiderman in his early year. The chemistry between them is “awesome” & believable. I smiled when I saw those two awkward moments. So sweet he he.

02. Comic authenticity

As a reboot it takes the early career or Peter, I high school which is good cuz what makes Spidey very likeable is the fact that we can see how awkward teenage figuring his super power. Oh, & its Gwen Stacy not Mary Jane (M.J.) this time. Spoiler warning avoids read next sentences if U didn’t wanna spoil further story development. Gwen as a character is arguably Peter first love, even after he met M.J. & the turning point of his life is when Gwen is dead (killed by Green Goblin in Marvel 616 universe or by Carnage in Marvel Ultimate universe) that Peter learns the price he has to pay for his action.

Oh, & Peter gain his power exactly like in comic, no organic web shot through

Mutation gone wrong

his arms, he using a tool (it shows how genius he is). In comic he later gain his ability to shot web in organic way but after some phase. This is logic cuz if he can shoot organic web, why it came from his arms? It would be more logic to shot from his mouth, his nose or even form his @$$ he he. And if his enemy became lizard like, why Peter didn’t? Smart move is U asks me (to look how bad his mutation can be, check Man-Spider image on the left to see where wrong can his mutation be he he).

03. Teenage Angst

This reboot takes the story in a very realistic way, U know the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” but in this movie that line didn’t appear but somehow is transformed into moral obligation that Peter had to share the world of his gift. The dialogue is good like when Peter had an argument with Uncle Ben about how reckless & irresponsible Peter is compared to his father, they shout “How dare U talks something like that about your father!” which Peter replied “How dare me? How dare him! Where is he now? Am I not his obligation, he abandoned me!” & others dialogue, this is teenage angst at its best that tells us that this is real character that we can all relate to.

Can U feel the love tonight….I could he he

Oh, I did mention Peter & Gwen chemistry; I love how speechless they are when they tried to confess their feelings. Or how Peter stood up & having argument with Gwen’s dad regarding his action as Spiderman (that Gwen’s dad categorized as vigilante, reckless, & against the law). This is where the movie shines, Marc Webbs (director of (500) Days of Summer) really hits the romantic scene right on the spot.

Even Flash Thompson, the bully that made Peter life miserable but also Spiderman biggest fan portrayed  in realistic way, like when he shows his condolences to Peter when Uncle Ben died. It shows that if this film continued far beyond this franchise, we can understand that he is (spoiler WARNING) a very likely candidate to become Venom, the good venom that is he he.

04. Fight & maneuver

The first Spiderman movie fight scenes is OK but not awesome, the second is good (love the way Peter fights Doc Oc), the third is well, MEH (they got Venom, Sand-Man but somehow still sucks, only the fight with Harry that good enough). Now amazing Spiderman fight scene is good for two reason, it’s parkour reference & the fact that Peter fights like he don’t know how to fight (he just jumping, stomping & punching he he). The way the camera moves also add the “wow” department.

05. Stan Lee’s cameo

If U are an avid comic fan, U will realize that Stan Lee’s is doing lots of cameo in Marvel movie, such as Cop in Spiderman 2, Random guy who accidentally drink Hulk’s blood, etc. I won’t spoil it to U but his cameo in this movie is the best so far ha ha ha (I can’t stop laughing ^_^) watch it for yourself, U owe it to yourself!

06. How fragile Spidey is

In most movie, the superheroes usually is immune to pain unless its inflicted by main villain. Not in Spidey, he is flesh & blood just like us, only a little powered up by super power. He can be hurt (he injured & bruised after each “adventure” just like Batman).

07. Spidey new costume

Yes I don’t like it at first, I even hates it more when see the figure but watch it in

Bitch, I’m fabulous!

movie, I kinda dig it he he. I love how Peter made the costume, the eye glasses, the pattern. Cool he he. I don’t know, they never made the whole custome in one shot.

It grows on me somehow, I don’t know, kinda cool & Andrew wears it perfectly I guess.


01. Did we need a reboot?

Like I said before, a reboot is not necessary, unless Marvel manage to snatch their property right form other studio like when they manage to get back Hulk (the first movie directed by Ang Lee but not good enough for us, too many drama he he) & gie the Incredible Hulk a treatment he deserves in the first place. This reboot still Sony’s way to gain profit from tired franchise (though they manage to revive it beautifully)

02. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker & Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Well, despite they perform very well, their attempt to look like a teenager is kinda failed a little since we can tell that they are too old (it makes more sense if they are college student). Sorry but I have to say it. I mean, Andrew is as old as me 28 years, even if people think I’m younger, still they thought I’m a college student not high school and I don’t use make up or touch up he he.

02. Spidey new costume

After think about it, I don’t like the new costume he he.


03. The Lizard as the enemy

Peek-a-bo I see U

Sometimes, what makes a hero great is the villain (like Batman with his awesome villains line up) & that’s where The Lizard lacks. He is not as deadly as Venom, Green Goblin or sinister six. I don’t know why, but a naked lizard running around isn’t as scary as having let’s say Doctor Octopus or Sand-Man. Marvel did great job with Iron Man (the first one where the enemy is not a major concern), yes the 2nd movie kinda flopped but still good though. But to know that The Lizard have so much relation with Peter is kinda a downer.

Conclusion, actually we don’t need another reboot but this movie is a superior version of the previous one so I guess sure, why not. It’s fresh, fun & though not “amazing” it’s a good movie nonetheless. The likes is way more than dislikes, what is not to like? Weird sentence I know ^_^. Honestly, for the love of the f*#in God, let Marvel get their rights on Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Wolverine or any other franchise that were sold to another studio so Marvel can treat their baby the “right way” & we can have cross-over like Avenger vs. X Men or something like that.


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