Biggest Mistake? Really? Is Square-Enix is Out of Their Mind?

“We have Sony and Microsoft talking about this generation lasting seven, eight, nine or even 10 years and it’s the biggest mistake they’ve ever made,”

Julien Merceron- Square Enix’s worldwide technology director

 Probably just my gamer side, which is hidden for a long time finally showed up out of nowhere, though its not actually out of nowhere since what I about to write will provoke much of console gamer. A statement by Square Enix’s worldwide technology director, Julien Merceron that said the length of the current console generation is “the biggest mistake [Sony and Microsoft] ever made”.

Really? I mean, isn’t that what’s draw the difference between console & PC? The

This was once considered as best graphic

length or the lasting years of console is what are drawing gamer into console, besides some exclusive game. With nowadays standard, console price ain’t cheap, so of course we were happy if some console can last for more than 5 years. Well, history told us that in the beginning, PC was created only for sole purpose of works, so they didn’t support kick @$$ graphic processor (Macintosh is a different story though) & console gaming such as Atari 2600, Nintendo & other created specifically for gaming purpose so they are supported by graphic processor. But as time goes by we’ll see that PC is used not only for works but also video & audio & since the parts can be replaced easily, PC is leaving console in processor racing.

I mean, since Microsoft joined the console war, what I fear is came true. It’s the war on raw power that defines the era, well to be honest since Sony Playstation joined the bandwagon I also fear that video game will become a profit oriented industry & the “magic” will be lost. Nowadays video game is not the niche market it once thought it would be, it’s a big industry and everyone wanna take a bite in it. Video game is an industry that is on a par with or even bigger than movie industry.

The other thing that scares me when Sony & Microsoft joined the freak show is that it turned the console wars that once dominated by SEGA & Nintendo with its game-wars into a raw power or who’s got the best raw power in processor or something. When Sony first came at least it pushed 3D & still left some break-through in gaming industry (they still have some quirky games like Parappa the Rapper, “Tail of the Sun, etc) but when Microsoft came I wonder what differentiate console & PC games? Well X box still has some quirky games but what makes them so big is the genre that I hate the most, FPS. It’s not I hate it or something, its just that it genre makes all of them are identical so the only difference is the graphic getting better, the landscape is getting wider & the effect is more awesome, to sum it all that its kinda like style without substance (though it is not but I fed up since I already played this genre since Castle Wolfenstein era).

I feel I played this game before…oh yeah, like any OTHER FPS!!!

Look at the state of gaming now, the most selling title is FPS like Halo, Call of Duty, non exclusive games, which also available in PC. Of course from technical specification console is beaten by PC, since PC can be upgraded like every time U wants to, that is the biggest point that makes me decides to be console gamer, I don’t need to suits the specification in order to play some game, the game suits the console. Period.

PS2 Got Snake. HAH!

To console defense, the limitation is what makes the developer creative & pushing console to its maximum capability. Remember when Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater or Final Fantasy XII release that it shocked gaming community knowing that Playstation 2 still can compete with superior graphic processor such as X Box & even PC (at that time). Even if we take a look back, the winner of console war post 128 bit era is Nintendo Wii (with its back dated graphic, par with Nintendo Gamecube), not the superior Playstation 3 or X Box 360. Or when Playstation sets the standard on RPG in 197 with Final Fantasy VII (which some considered as the best in the series), the biggest selling game is Pokemon on Gameboy.

It’s sad knowing that everyone said that the only reason to play console is

Looks stupid he he

gimmick such as Microsoft Kinect or Playstation Move (Japanese or Asian people ingenuity I guess he he). Then Square-Enix the once supporter & console exclusive moves to PC, mobile phone gaming saying that the biggest mistake Sony & Microsoft or in this case, console is the length of the machine/console. I mean, Square-Enix once proves that console limitation is not an issue to create great game. They proves it when Final Fantasy XII or Valkyrie Profile Silmeria that despite the aging console (the game released circa 2007-2008) it still a beautiful graphic on any console or PC (at that time).

Know everyone said that console gaming will be extinct, even David Jaffe (the guy who creates God of War series & one of the many people who I worshiped as God) said that. The future of gaming is non console, a PC with cloud as infrastructure. You don’t need a high tech machine, just internet connection. But then again, I also has this rant for internet gaming, I think it will kill the gaming industry. Why or ho? Simple cuz internet gaming such as, Everquest, Counter Strike (FPS!!!!), etc is only needs a patch to make the gaming better or different, thus people won’t buy new game, they just played that one game, patch it. Over & over & over again. Kinda kills the creativity for creating new genre though.

I guess I finally know why I’m not a gamer anymore. I lost the “fire” the enthusiast for gaming. I used to jumping like crazy when a new RPG released but now, too many game on the market? Too many good games? Hell, am I a dying species who still playing console just for the sake of playing game (PC is using for many things such as watching DVD, office, etc) or am I the only one who hates Square-Enix just for the fact that they said that console length is the biggest mistake of them all? Hell, all I could do is dusting of my Genesis, Playstation & Playstation 2 & playing good games. Hell!!! Good games is good games, period. That’s what makes the industry, not the stupid specification! Square-Enix is out of their f%#ing mind!


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