The Dark Knight Rises Review, Spoiler Contained Though

Epic I guess most suitable for this scene he he

It took me a while to write a review since I wanna give some time to review the movie for what it is (just like a good wine that can’t be forced to mature), also I have this angry sentiment to that stupid guy who rampaging the film premiere at Colorado, and also I have a problem with my girlfriend he he. Tell U upfront that this review containing some spoiler he he.

So, to open it, I’d say this, this movie is ambitious & epic, in the scale or story

Remember this horror?

telling department. Under the pressure of surpassing everyone expectation of The Dark Knight (R.I.P. Heath, you are the best Joker so far), Christopher Nolan in someway manage to create a story that didn’t suck but also compelling also close the trilogy perfectly (He always said that his Batman will be a trilogy & he won’t make another one). Did U ever heard the children complains that the fight scene in Nolan’s movie is not “exciting” (cuz he tried to make it realistic) but in this movie U will see an “awesome” fighting choreography since Bane is treated in the right way, unlike in that horror called “Batman & Robin” that literally killed Batman franchise before Nolan revived it with “Batman Begin”.

Cuz this is closing to the trilogy, it will be helpful if U watch the previous movie & will be amazed by the way Nolan crafted the story. The only loophole is the fact that he didn’t tell what ever happened to Joker (Oh, it is funny to know that Scarecrow or Jonathan Crane is always appeared in Nolan movie). I mean. The only loophole in the The Dark Knight is Nolan never explained the origin of Joker, but since he is the embodiment of chaos, crazy & insane, we all just terrified or excited just to see he is there, that’s it, period (and Heath Ledger plays him perfectly even my friend said the movie should called The Joker instead of The Dark Knight). Also in this movie we were never told what happened to Joker (Booo!!!).

This iconic scene is included in the movie

So, what about the origin of Bane? Nolan tells a very compelling story about Bane (with a twist in the end of the story). Since I believed what makes a hero exciting is his adversary, his enemy. Bane filled the shoe just right as every comic fan-boy will know, Bane is feared in the underworld cuz he is the man who broke the bat (makes Bruce retired for awhile & gave his mantle to Azrael). If Joker is crazy, impulsive & cannot be predicted, Bane is cunning, details, & in every aspect he is a “better” version of Batman (especially since he can’t feel pain due to his accident), so to sum it, Joker is the opposite of Batman while Bane is Batman 2.0. but somehow Bane is not as compelling as Joker (even though he is portrayed in such a good manner, a perfect killing machine).

This movie is a combination of 3 major story arc in Batman story, The Dark Knight returns (where Batman come back from his retirement), The Knight fall (where Bane defeated Batman), also No Man’s Land (where Gotham became separated from the world and become lawless city) crafted into a good single story. At first I thought that some character like John Blake (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) or Miranda Tate (by Marion Cotillard) will be just another Rachel Dawes (only there for the sake of the story without give any lasting impact to the story development) but boy I glad I was wrong. Nolan really knows how to cast an actor/actress. I admit that the story is better than The Dark Knight due to the fact that every character told beautifully, but somehow the bar still set by The Dark Knight somehow, probably cuz the “Ooomph” factor that every time Joker came we feel something gonna happens now, but with Bane, since he is a very logic person we know what will happens (though sometimes we don’t but it didn’t have the same surprise element as Joker).

Besides the fact that some people will prefer the 2ndmovie, The Dark Knight


Rises still one hell of a movie. It got awesome fight scene (even an all out war scene), good character (though I still wonder even though Christian Bale is the best Batman so far, he always outshined by other character, especially the villain, Anne Hathaway also one hell of Cat woman, sexy & sophisticated, don’t forget Talia Al Ghul that everyone forget but made awesome splash in the end), also has some sense of fulfillment knowing the full circle has fulfilled (Batman Begins= the beginning, The Dark Knight=the fall, The Dark Knight Rises=the end).

Fun fact, Nolan said that he don’t want Robin character cuz it will make his story not real or believable (a child in war against criminal is a stupid idea, also the creation of Robin is to tame Batman violence story & makes the story is relatable to kids) but surprise-surprise, Robin existed as original character (not Dick Grayson or Tim Drake & definitely not Damian Wayne), guess the pressure of studio to maintain the successful franchise he he. But I guess he will be the next Batman (so in some way he is also Nolan version of Terry McGinis).

So, my review for this movie is that if in scale 1 to 10 The Dark Knight is 20 (exaggerated I know but I enjoys every second of that movie, every quote, everything), The Dark Knight Rises is a 10. Reached it expectation but not exceeded it. Once again Batman is showing that he is the pinnacle of super hero movie (even makes Marvel movie only “Good but not as good as Batman). One hell of a movie!!!!


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