The Dark Knight Rises Afterthought (Full Blatant Spoiler If U Haven’t Watch It)

Too much character to told?

So, after watch The Dark Knight Rises again, I realize something that’s been bothering me. The first is the happy ending. Something that is rare in Batman story, OK the Batman Begin has happy ending but that is only the beginning, The Dark Knight has a very Batman ending, where there’s a hefty price to pay for “victory”, even in the DC “mega-event” Final Crisis Batman finally break his no-gun policy & commits a murder to DC most notorious & strongest super villain Darkseid (he killed him with a “magic bullet”) but to get the happy end Batman paid with his life (he presumably killed by Darkseid omega beam (powerful enough to knock off/kill Superman & Doomsday) but in reality he is cursed to live his life to face failure again & again from ancient time till modern days where his existence will become anomaly & create interference & crashing time continuum & existence in the end. Confuse? This is DC crap just so you know he he). And that’s why The Dark Knight Rises is kinda weird, as if Bruce Wayne is having happy end like some cowboy walking down toward the setting sun with the girl he loves.

It’s not I against the happy ending, what confuse me it’s the fact that Batman leaving Gotham in pursuit of happiness with Catwoman. One thing that every Batman reader will know is that Bruce giving everything, anything for Gotham, including his life. So knowing that in the end of The Dark Knight Rises that Bruce lead a new life with new identity outside of Gotham is really..unthinkable (which is good though). Maybe if he stays in Gotham & train Robin John Blake, it will make this more interesting. I mean, Blake is terribly a rookie, yes he grew distasteful of using gun & have some sort of detective capability, but to him to become Batman is well, need years to learn I guess.

Oh, one more thing, the people right next to me swears that he saw Batman eject from The Bat before the bomb explode. I can’t account that for some fact but it is proving that Batman did survive the blast.

Another one that kinda weird is, the appearance of Thalia, I know its an

Thalia dropped his balls

awesome twist at the end of the movie but her role is diminished Bane credibility that he is an opponent to be reckon with, not only physically but also mentally & strategically (he is Batman 2.0 after all, at least for most of the movie). Thalia existence made Bane nothing but a henchman (boo!!!!). Also, to make it worse, Thalia & Bane ending is not..I don’t know, proper maybe I guess. I mean, they are the villain in this story but how they die is well, ridiculous? Thalia died in car accident, Bane shot by Batpod (cool actually).

And come to think of it, the victory in The Dark Knight Rises is also shallow in some way. In The Dark Knight, people of Gotham proves to Joker that not everyone is bad, they refuse to blew the bomb on other ship, thus proves Joker was wrong when he said that when all the chips are down, everyman for himself, that we stop looking for the monster under the bad cuz the monster is inside us from the beginning. What about The Dark Knight Rises? Bane proves that the gap between the rich & poor is so severe that people of Gotham raid rich people house, killed them (through court first though), exiled them, bottom-line, the destruction is so severe, so worst that I don’t know how to fix it.

I mean really, it’s like some sort of Deus Ex Machina where somehow Gotham city is going the way it used to be (which is a time bomb where the gap between the rich & poor is an imminent threat). Lets be realistic, Bane wana start a revolution, even if he manage only halfway, the damage been done, at least we should be tell how people of Gotham will view others in manner of dog eat dog. Our neighbor is a threat thing. But in the end it’s just like nothing ever happened between them, just shake hand & forget? Also about Gotham finest, the cop, when they go into all out war, what do they exactly protect & serve? The people of Gotham who clearly choose revolution? Are they standing for status quo (where the gap is an imminent threat)?

Oh, & most people will dislike this movie cuz it’s theme that very politic. Believe it or not, this is a story bout politic that borderline real with terrorist issue (Bane & League of Shadow), economy (bane occupied Gotham’s Walstreet & the gap between the rich & the poor), what happened when people given freedom when they are not ready (chaos). Don’t know if Nolan had some agenda to criticize American policy?

Occupy Wallstreet, Bane style

He he, I don’t know if this obsession or what, but despite all the things I complaints, this movie is still one hell of a movie. Worth to watch & one of the best trilogy of our time (comic fan all over the world). I think the only way to keep this franchise run is to reboot again he he. Even if Nolan did leave some progress to the story, such as Robin as the next Batman, I doubt anyone dares to make a sequel to this Batman. I think any attempt whatsoever will defile the story or considered to be an act of blasphemy he he.

I think I’m gonna watch it again for the third time, I kinda dig the way Bane talks. I don’t care if this move won’t be nominated in Oscar, unlike Heat Ledger performance on The Dark Knight but this movie is more epic than Gladiator, Titanic or any other Oscar crap!


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