A Want Is Not A Need Part III

I once wrote bout a want is not a need before in part I and part II, something bout love though, but

Didn’t have enough time

as I watch Community Shield between Chelsea vs Manchester City, somehow I realize that it is true that a want is not a need. Thus I decided to write something that not about love but also has same theme he he. Look at Chelsea, they once hired Andres Villas Boas (AVB), a well-known coach that brought Porto FC as a champion in Portugal League but as we all know, Chelsea fired him after the winning streak is not, well…what the club expected (kinda premature but I guess he is not what the club needed at the moment).

from zero to hero

After AVB, Chelsea was left in the hand of caretaker, Roberto Di Matteo, ex player who is know working as a staff on Chelsea. He will take care of Chelsea for the rest of the league. Surprise-surprise, Di Matteo did well on the league, Chelsea ended up on the 6th on Premier League, but the biggest surprise is that Chelsea won The Champions League after defeating the mighty Barcelona (whom everyone preferred to be the winner). Chelsea owner always drooling for the title of Champions League, the highest prestige of European soccer, something that even the special one Jose Mourinho could not give to Chelsea. Chelsea won the title in the hand of some caretaker called Roberto Di Matteo. After that we know that Di Matteo is chosen to be the official coach for Chelsea.

Funny how sometimes that we always wanted something that so far, so distance that the possibility to reach it almost zero. We strive it, fight for it, and even die for it. We sometimes forgot that we have to be very careful for what we wish cuz it could be granted & we somehow ended up regretting it, like how we always want to dated some model but after we hook with him/her, ended up he/she is a pain in the @$$ that annoy us. Sometimes we forgot to look for what we’ve got or what is within our reach, the on close to us, like Di Matteo that always with Chelsea from the beginning (maybe we shouldn’t take for granted our friend zoned that we always categorize as just a friend ^_^).

Think about it, I once had object of my affection (since we never really a couple but far from being friend zoned due to the difference of faith) & to make long story short, we go separate ways. Is she not the one I need? Definitely the one I want though. In terminology of want & need this story didn’t fit into it, cuz even though at that time she is what I want (and what I thought I need at that moment), looking back I was wondering if all those years spent (not wasted) is not for nought. I mean, I learned a lot since then bout relationship for future references, hell! I wouldn’t trade all my yesterday for anything, I dare to say that it was one of my happiest day he he.

I remember that my mom always said be thankful for what we’ve got but if I stayed that way, I won’t have the enthusiast for a better tomorrow, that’s when mom said that if U pray to God, U have to pray for what U need, not what U want. It takes me awhile to realize what it meant. I remember that I want SEGA Dreamcast (I bought it anyway) only to realize that in Indonesia U don’t have a future to play the game since the format is GD ROM (Giga Disc ROM) while the pirated product available is regular CD ROM, I ended up buying PS2 (which I still playing till now). Then I realize that sometimes what we really want is not what we need or suitable for us, sometimes what we don’t want ended up to be the one we need.


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