The Holiday Syndrome

As Ramadhan reach the end, Eid day or Lebaran day, almost every Indonesian is busy mudik or homecoming or back to hometown. Indonesian takes this matter very seriously, some even take leave of absence a week before Lebaran so they can take some time to enjoy holiday. Strangely, I am

judgment day no panic

wondering whether I am the only one who despises this holiday & also this mudik culture. I mean, check the traffic, its hell on earth, literally, think about money lost for the expenses (gas, transport, eat, sleep, car maintenance, unexpected cost, etc). This is a very serious unproductive culture. I know the idea is for everyone in the family gathering together, but it can be done in any given f*#ing day not on that very exact moment where almost every one did it!!!!

Lets be objective it’s not only Lebaran, I have a friend who also “despise” Christmas, which I honestly more enjoy celebrating than Lebaran (my mom is Catholic & the party is more awesome he he). Thus I try to compile some of the reason why there are some people who despise this holiday in general, something that I classified as “the holiday syndrome” with symptoms such as:

1.      Consumptive / show off

Every holiday requires us to have something new, like new Islamic cloth for Ramadhan or new cloth for Christmas. It’s not compulsory but somehow kinda like culture for Indonesia. It seems that if we don’t have new stuff we are not celebrate & it seems that it’s a race to show off our new stuff. Or we have to provide extravagant meal for welcoming guest, decorating house in stunning matter with stuff we don’t really need.

2.      Lavish

Continuing the consumptive /show off, holiday it’s a festive of lavish. Showing off new car to people in the hometown, driving or wasting gas for unnecessary trip, ridiculous amount of food that wasted, buying cloth that probably we only wear once a year, etc. Holiday is a celebration of lavishness. What a waste if U asks me.

3.      We were forced to be “happy”


We don’t care what you’ve been through, this is holiday so put your best smile. No one likes to be called party pooper, so we fake a smile pretends to be happy or maybe to cherish or celebrate holiday, it won’t be fit if we are not happy. So we live in a denial or just forget that we have a problem for the holiday.

4.      pressure to please everyone

Continuing the fact that we forced to be happy, it seems a compulsory to please everyone in holiday. No wonder parents wasted so much money to buy gift for their kids, or we try to help people even if it means that we also suffer by it. Or how we force our self to came to every relatives we know, even the distant one just to say hi or wishing a happy holiday, round robin Jakarta – out of town just to say happy holiday. Just once a year or only in this special occasion we forced to please everyone.

5.      We were expected to forgive everything that happens

This is a hard one, most people used this holiday season as a reason to come from their hiding to ask for forgiveness & since its holiday & in order to honor the holiday spirit, we are obliged to forgive everything that happens (yeah right, no way Jose!). What can I say about this…forgiven not forgotten he he. Please do remember, it ain’t personal, just business, so no way I will forget what you’ve done!

6.      Diminish the point of the holiday

Well, all of the above practically diminish the idea of the holiday such as Ramadhan where in a month we fight to redeem our self, do fasting, holding back from worldly pleasure but when Eid come, all hell break loose, we back to our self, consumptive, greedy & savage beast. In Christmas, sometimes people show off like a competition whose is better & celebrate with just our family & we forgot to share with others who are less fortunate than us.

So, I guess it’s not weird that there are some people who hates, it’s a strong word lets change it with despise or not enjoy holiday he he. Not all of us have the privilege to just “enjoy” the holiday without any pretension like kids. Adults have to considering the budget, the transport, etc. No wonder some people, like me hates holiday, we got the holiday syndrome.


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