The Next Green Lantern is Arab-America, Just Some Gimmick To Cash In From Minority?

We thought that was John Stewart

Well, if U likes to read DC Comic, U probably saw this image & thought that the

Gun & robber mask?

Green Lantern on that panel is John Stewart with a new costume (knowing in the new 52 most of the heroes have new costume). But to my surprise, & others also, that this is the new Green Lantern known only as Baz. Not much known but his ethnicity is Arab America & bout the religion still unknown, he have tattoo in Arabic language that means “Courage” but since he is Arabic we can’t conclude he will be Moslem.

I once wrote about others Arabic/Moslem super heroes, so this is not new, despite the fact that Baz is a Green Lantern but I have some issue with this guy. First, he wears a mask that more resemble a thug than super hero. Second he wield a gun, a Green Lantern (the ring considered to be the most powerful weapon in the universe) but still carry an ordinary gun (maybe if it’s a shotgun or bazooka I will be OK. On second thought I still pissed by it). This is like what I thought bout Prince of Persia, Arabic prince who have more resemblance than blood thirsty slayer, is this western sentiment against Middle East? I mean, DC Comic can give Bill A.K.A. Nightrunner an awesome costume without pissing some people, why can’t they made Baz a little more…not brute?

Despite all that, Baz will be quite a major character, at least for some time. He will be member of Justice League of America, which somehow have weird roster such as Cat woman, Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman concierge or love interest in some comic). Martian Man Hunter, Katana, Green Arrow, etc. So far we have some fraction of Justice League like the original Justice League, Justice League International, Justice League Dark & now Justice League of America.

Well, seeing he will fight Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, even the rest of

Baz vs Justice League

Justice League, he will be a prominent character for sometime. Despite some people said that this move by DC is some gimmick to cash in from minority (Moslem, Asian or anyone who will have a connection from comic knowing Arabic people is an important character), Baz is a welcome addition into the comic world. I hope he will be portrayed as a decent character in such indecent world such as comic. Welcome my fellow minority brother he he.

I honestly still wonder where is Baz place in this new world of DC. Some sources said that he were chosen as Green Lantern since the previous Lantern is a loose canon, hard to control but when did Arab stands down for order, from weird entity to add the matter. But for what is worth, seeing this image from Jim Lee where Justice League battle against Justice League brings s sick grin in my face he he. Can’t wait to see Baz in action.

This gonna be awesome!!!!!!

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