Sometimes It’s Better To Just Let It Slide?

Wise word from wise man

Well, probably most of U already heard the commotion upon a movie called “Innocence of Muslims” that made Middle-East on fire (literally, even there’s USA ambassador that died during protest against that movie). I don’t know what’s the motive exactly (everyone said it is the embodiment of hates against Islam & the director, Sam Bacile said Islam is a cancer) rather than mocking Islam by saying that prophet Mohamed as pedophile, sex maniac, women abuser & the list goes on & on no wonder Moslem around the world is angry, Hulk angry.

Besides the controversy of that movie, what I really thought is, that movie goes viral in internet & that is the problem. Internet is like a wild-wild west, everyone can be anyone, anonymity is a common thing in internet like there’s a saying that 90% of internet user is dude while 10% is dude pretending to be chick. I mean, look at comments on facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, is like an all out brawl with no holds barred. U can say the most outrageous things without feared that someone might punch U in the face since we can be anyone.

It takes some maturity to behave on the internet & unfortunately that exactly what we all lack. We abuse our so-called freedom (of speech & probably to insult or bullying others) without any code of conduct. So, along with train of thought, I guess that what exactly Sam Bacile did. Yes he got an agenda that we don’t know what but I sure one oh his motive is mischief like.

I mean, he claimed that he got financial back up from some Israel but seeing the movie is so ugly (I manage to watch the trailer from Youtube before it was banned by Indonesian government), the acting is awful the backdrop for background using blue screen that I can described as, my grand ma can do better than that ^_^. After all the commotion that cost lives, some of the actor that played in that movie said that they are being fooled. They are being casting to do “Dessert Warrior” instead of that movie, they never given the full script, they just told what to do in specific scene (no wonder acting department is pathetic) & they are dubbed so they never really speaks a single line whatsoever. One of the actor said that what supposed to be prophet Mohamed is named Mr. George while filming. To make it worst, Sam Bacile is actually a director for porn movie (B graded anyway). Also, Sam is once & at the moment is captured by the police for fraud & others crime. Really, this is the guy who wants to cure “cancer”? Just like hears preacher from horses mouth if U asks me.

Looking at Sam, it seems that what he intended is just showing his sentiment against Islam, just like every other immature people in internet (like how we love bashing Justin Bieber or Korean pop). I know sensitive issue like religion is sparking controversy with deeper impact but like the old saying goes, “haters gonna hate”& no matter what U do they will hate. It’s like there are couple kinds of debate, one where the opposite parties try to find a solution or compromising to settle their difference or two is where parties that just bashing each other & don’t care what happens next. That is exactly what stupid people in internet do. Some people just wanna see the world burns & enjoying what happens next.

For every clash, every death, every violence, even the smallest response for what they do (posting movie on internet or commenting others in harsh manner), those people just sit, relax & watch as society crumble killing each other for some stupidity that even has no validity whatsoever. I think these type of people is just attention whore that lusted any kind of attention from others (maybe as porn director he never get laid ^_^).

So, in this case, I disagree with Albert Einstein. Sometimes all we could do just let it slide & let that “thing” (whatever it is) faded as we just forgotten it just like any other trend that came & go. Since they just bunch of attention whore, guess what we could do is ignore them, not completely, just showing an honorable or civilized way to protest or expressed our point of view regarding the thing that won’t sparks violence. Maybe it will be better if we just let it slide, like old Indonesian proverb, “anjing menggonggong khalifah berlalu” or in free translation, let the dog barks for the leader will keeps going regardless.

PS : This is just my personal point of view, if I hurt someone I truly sorry & please know I’m not deliberately hurt U.

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