Underwater Photography, On A Budget

So, last week I went to Waterboom in Cikarang West Java & I assure U this is not a review of Waterboom Cikarang he he. I used this opportunity to use my old rarely used underwater camera he he. I always intrigued by underwater photography since the world underwater seems so out of this world, like another dimension or something he he.

So, most of U probably know that special underwater camera, especially DSLR cost very ridiculous price tag while compact camera seems more affordable but somehow most of us have doubt of the quality of the image from pocket camera. So I guess I will try to use my underwater pocket camera to see if the image is as bad as most people said.

Well, first thing first, my underwater pocket camera is a Chinese brand (which I

I forgot the brand

honestly forgot what the brand is ^_^) and it’s using 2 AA battery as power source. What does it mean by my sentence before? Chinese product, U know what to expect, crappy quality, durability, long lasting life expectancy, etc while camera using battery is well, U know, it’s like quicksand that absorb battery in matter of hour, drained every bits batteries life. But for what it’s worth, U gotta hand it to the Chinese, it is works!!! The camera did find though the image quality is sub par or even crappy but I tell U later why it really doesn’t matter at all.

In water, everything moves slowly (unless fish or other predator that will harm U) so U don’t really need DSLR quality camera with shutter speed that can freeze lightning (it’s only good while shoots when people jump to the water & freeze the bubble). I used my Chinese camera & it did just find he he. Oh, also if U shoots a photo in pool, forget DSLR camera since the view is very limited (the lighting sucks in pool unless U shoots in view or snorkeling). So I guess point & shoot camera, even crappy like mine did the job just fine (unless U expect to print the picture, if it’s just for fb or twitter just use crappy one like mine).

Gonna be my profile picture
Such a shame there is no continuous shot he he
Gangsta chilin’ he he

But U know what I found? While I was buying coins for locker I found a cool

For Rp. 75.000,- it sure does the job!

product, already old but I always have skeptical for it but I just buy it out of curiosity, a waterproof bag handphone. Since I already brought my underwater camera I gave the test to my girl Blackberry & it works! Look at most of the picture that took by my girl phone, even it’s better than my crappy camera (no wonder though he he). Picture of me using my crappy camera is took with my girl Blackberry he he.

Drowning like a boss
Photo bomb by my own strap

Oh, the reason why I used my girl Blackberry as a test cuz I don’t think my touch screen phone works on that bag/pouch but it actually works on mine, even my girl said that it will be better to use touch screen since my girl can’t scroll down using her Blackberry he he (I guess it works better on touch screen cuz the model for the product is iphone ha ha).

Split seconds before impact

So, I guess if U really not into photography, don’t bother try to buy underwater camera, just use that waterproof bag/pouch he he (unless U dive, then U have to use specialized camera with it’s awesome lighting or flash). With today’s phone camera, the photo U took will be just fine. Underwater photography on a budget can’t get better or cheaper than this ha ha.


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