Fetish For Radio, The Good Old Days or Just Justification For My Splurge

Mayaka FM/AM/SW3 Band radio receiver

See what I bought he he, a defected, refurbished old radio (I first saw this product circa 2009). I know this is not the critically

Magno, the ultimate

acclaimed Magno(with its overpriced price tag I doubt some regular Joe can afford it he he), but this is the best I can get at the

moment. Sure most people will branded me as hipster, but doesn’t it weird that everyone whose into older technology will be branded as hipster? I mean if I still use old ipod, the one with 120 giga memory which I could use as external hard disk, will I branded as hipster?

Ever heard the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? That’s exactly what happened to the hipster, they cherish the good old days. I mean, yes, nowadays mp3 or digital music is a way to go, internet leaves TV or e reading replace paper as our source of information, but like I mentioned before, sometimes we doesn’t need to replace anything, especially if its not broken.

Let’s more focus on radio, analog radio to be exact if it is the exact way to called it since we have streaming radio or XM radio. Radio has always been one of the sources of information. In old days, people relied on it too much that some silly prank really put USA under state of emergency, believing they are under attack from alien. Then came TV where everyone believes that “Video Killed The Radio Star” which somehow it went the other way, radio still grow strong while TV is having a hard time keeping up with internet (MTV now is airing reality show rather than showing video clip, sad but true ^_^). Even in digital age there are applications that lets U streaming online digital radio (which in my opinion is one of the feature that made android more attractive than iphone, fm radio is available on most android phone he he).

How come radio still survive & grew till now? Maybe, if U ask me, cuz unlike internet or TV or any other medium, radio didn’t demands our attention unlike any other media (TV need to be watched, internet needs our attention to log & fully operational). Radio is always there playing music or informed news or just accompanying us while we doing something else like home work or cleaning house (yeah right).

I know most people dismissed radio for mp3 player cuz mp3 player gives them freedom to decide which song or play-list to be played. But for me mp3 player missing the “surprise” factor. My justification is like this, just like U can hit next button on mp3 player, we can also tune to other radio station that suits our taste & U also hear the most absurd or uncommon song on radio, rather than TV or YouTube (some video aren’t available for some region). In radio we never knew what song will be played next (with exception of request time). Oh, radio also gives you the sense of like having a friend (the radio DJ) that will accompany us & give us some information, even entertainment, or also some topic for ice-breaking & the most important thing, the sense of belonging, the feeling where it seems that we were belong (to some station). Those were the things that made radio survive till today. Oh’ radio also could be played for free (besides electric bill to pay or if U streaming online, paid the data connection package).

Radio also brings music at its finest. Before MTV or any media, artist or musician always said “listen to our music, to our lyric, to the message we are sending” but now it’s kinda like “watch me, see how cool or awesome or even beautiful we are”. So, to sum it all, I know that radio is oldskool, but it’s also classic & classic is timeless, a small reminder of the good old days where everything simple & beautiful. No wonder radio could withstand the test of time.

Back to as why I bought a radio despite I obviously has fetish for radio, yes this radio I bought is cheap made in Hong Kong but at

Memory card slots

the very least it works, and it serves its purpose. Even better, it have slot for memory card, range from SD/MMC or any type of USB flash, so I still can use mp3 he he. The sound it produces? Well…it is raucous or croaked but at the very least it works ^_^ (state of denial he he). The sound it produce is not on the par of excellent but it is acceptable (for me, I don’t know if this is just another denial or stupid justification). So yes, I admit this is still a justification of my splurge for buying another radio while the other one still in tip top condition he he. For US $ 10, I think this radio still worth every God damn penny of it he he.


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