Evolution of Cyclops. How I Blame Each One Of U To Push Him Over The Edge!

Cyclops vs Marvel

Any of U happens to read Avenger VS X Men? Well, to make it short, it’s a continuation Marvel event called House of M, where in that event the population of mutant is “stopped” due to the magic of scarlet witch. This event made mutant population puts into brink of extinction with no mutant birth or appears after that event. In Marvel Universe mutant is a species that being hated, feared, even brutally hunted & killed. No wonder this is the hard time for X Men. Then Cyclops get some info from his son from the future that phoenix force, ancient notorious power that will restore the chaos caused by Scarlet Witch & made mutant population back to where it belong (the next evolution of mankind) but Avenger disapprove this (knowing how dangerous the phoenix) & then war between Avenger & X Men takes place that ends with Cyclops being the villain.

The story arc create an uproar for Cyclops fans, like me, whose think that the evolution of Cyclops is only for the sake of reboot or stop status quo for Marvel Universe to get to the next stage. At least Cyclops character gets the attention, or spotlight with Captain America as the new douche. Since my anger upon the evolution of Cyclops is not in the level of mad, I’M FURIOUS!!!! So I guess I just break down why I was mad by everyone, including U, yes U, I blame U, I even blame your monkey or even your God if we have different faith for how such a decent character (in such indecent time or world in Marvel Universe) like Cyclops falls from grace just so U guys can have a progress whatsoever.

Full of doubt

Cyclops A.K.A. Scott Summer is not you typical leader that usually confident, strong or someone to look upon for

Scared of his own power

guidance or advice. Cyclops is insecure, full of doubt, quiet, shy, introvert person. Nevertheless, he was elected by Charles Xavier to lead the X Men. He is the first mutant recruited by Charles, making him the first X Men, also Charles most accomplished student (for that time). Most people said that Cyclops doubtful nature came from the fact that he can’t control his power, his concussive eye beam (he needs to always wear ruby quart glasses in order to contain the beam) & he is afraid that he will accidentally or not, hurt others.

Cyclops has always been the nice guy, always been the punching bag for others while jerk like Wolverine do anything he wants, Iceman having fun or the girl he loves Jean

Lead everyone but still doubtful

Grey flirting with Wolverine. He constantly being bullied by his teammates or to say the least, he is the one who clean the mess causes by others. Most of U probably asking how come this incompetent guy become X Men field leader all this time. Well, Cuz he has to, not like he wants to. It is his role to be the field leader but also the washed out of the team. He even defined by his relationship with Marvel girl rather than himself as character. Hell, he even considered as teacher’s pet cuz his intimate relationship with Prof. X (though this is due the fact that Cyclops considered Prof. X as father figure, the one to be referred to, while Prof. X considers him as his son/first & most loyal student).

U probably thinks why the hell this guy (me) so mad at the fact Marvel makes Cyclops the biggest villain in Marvel Universe (at the same level of Magneto, Thanos, etc). The answer is, just like other people who become Cyclops fan, we admire or can relate to this guy & we felt that Marvel makes him the villain just for the sake of the Marvel Universe to move one into something. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we worship such incompetent character. He evolved from incompetent guy into the leader mutant race needed, though not deserved (not cuz he also wear glasses like me, but that kinda helps though ^_^).

Like I mention before, mutant population is in the brink of extinction while Prof. X presumably died (at one time) & Magneto

Leader of nation X

missing in action (he lost his power). Cyclops steps forward & took over Prof. X’s school & creating shelter for mutants (decision that not everyone happy with, but at that time nobody wants to take this kinda responsibility). Mutant doesn’t accepted anywhere or by anyone. So Cyclops created a new country, Utopia, from asteroid that used to be Magneto HQ, for every mutant to come & join, where X Men once greatest foe even Magneto joins(he got his power back) & despite everyone rejection, including Prof. X (he is back from dead anyway).

This is where Cyclops evolution started to be “twisted” while his fans splits into love or hate this new Cyclops. He become ruthless (create a team consist of Wolverine, Psylocke, Warpath, even Deadpool & other wild, dangerous mutant specifically to killed & wiped mutant enemy that cannot be reasoned with), cunning (he have many options for every event though the one he chose usually controversial), dictator like (to the point Magneto even questioning his method). Marvel really evolved him for something (every fans knowing that this will either be something good or bad). After Prof. X returns & the revelation of Prof. X mind-wiped X Men about the fact that Prof. X decided to left Cyclops brother to death (later on his brother survive & back with vengeance) from their first mission. Cyclops feel betrayed & expelled Prof. X from his school (bad-ass!).

Ever dreamed to said this to your parents?
Too hardcore?

Cyclops bad-ass-ery really begin to raise uneasy to his team-mate, specifically Beast (that left Utopia cuz he displeased with Cyclops decision to create special shadow force of killing machine, while later on he joins that team. Beast is known for his hypocrisy anyway) & Wolverine cuz he displeased with the way Cyclops treats everyone as a soldier to the point that it is OK to killed for survival (weird cuz Wolverine known for his bad-ass-ery to killed, slain & other method. I mean, he is the best for what he does & what he does ain’t pretty but he has double standard for children? C’mon). Wolverine even splits X Men into two parties. One stays with Cyclops with the new X-tinction Team consist of big hitter mutant to prove that X Men is earth mightiest heroes (not Avenger) while the other stays with Wolverine for the new school for mutant. Weird that somehow Wolverine & Cyclops seems to switch side he he.

Then came Avenger vs X Men. Cyclops decided to guard Hope, the mutant messiah to become Phoenix force

Killed Prof. X

host, moves that Avenger didn’t approve (even Wolverine also approve that they should kill Hope, this is the way mutant headmaster act after he splits X Men into 2?). Due to the disturbance, Phoenix force inhabits Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus & magic rather than Hope. The X Men won & make the world a better place, no war, peace, etc in exchange of the world didn’t bother the mutant race. But Avenger has to kidnap Hope to get the phoenix force to inhabit Hope (X Men plan in the first place). Avenger act to kidnap Hope made the phoenix furious & commits act of God (destruction upon earth). Long story short, Cyclops was beaten (though he also tried to stop the phoenix too). He was being prisoner, even mocked by Wolverine (dude, if U wanna start counting body count, I bet Wolverine still the winner in this contest). Oh, this arc also made Cyclops killed Prof. X, his father figure. I don’t know how low Marvel can make him just for the sake that Marvel Universe to be interesting again. I mean, Cyclops lost his love like many times (he watch his love Jean Grey died more than once, she was bearer of Phoenix force anyway), lost his son (Cable presumably died) twice (first time is when he had to leave his child on the future for survive), I mean how many tortured can a guy take? One thing that made me proud of him is the fact that despite of what everyone think of him, he sticks to what he believe that his goal with Phoenix force is to ensure the existence of mutant (mutant population is restored, new mutant are born) and if he was put on the same situation again, he would do it all over again (become Marvel villain, fight the whole Marvel Universe) if mutant population is saved.

Made me proud, U were right Cyke

Fate of Cyclops? At the very moment he become punching bag for everyone. Scape goat & tortured just for the fun of it. Probably cuz he is only a mutant so he didn’t get “royal” treatment like any other villain that captured and treated well in S.H.I.E.L.D. base or in the raft.

Treated like Animal, Avenger should be proud of this

I admit that he is the gateway to something, well interesting, I mean this is new age for mutants (though mutant will be hunted &

Back with vengeance

feared again). At least Avenger will recruit more mutant but to treat Cyclops the way it is? Shame on U Marvel, blame all of U. I said it once & I said it again, I blame U, and I even blame your monkey or even your God to make Cyclops such a villain. My finger crossed that Cyclops will be a complete bad ass when he escape (or maybe released) from prison. Well there’s a sneak peek that Cyclops escape from prison & boy he is furious (as we all did). Cyclops never looked so this mad & cool ha ha. Show them that U R top dog of Marvel Universe.