Have U Ever Been In Love or Broken Hearted That Stupid Love Song Started To Make Sense & U R Afraid of It?

This time I thought things were real,

You said they were,

What happened?

You were a priority,

Was I an option?

I let you see a side of me that I don’t share with anyone.

Promises are just words unless they are fulfilled.

Knew from the beginning all I had to offer you was my heart,

I’m sorry that it wasn’t enough.

So, we’ll go our own ways,

And hopefully you’ll remember the things I’ve told you,

Hopefully you’ll understand that everything I said was in sincerity.

“A Year From Now” by Across Five April

Don’t U just love internet? It’s like a library full of almost anything U can ask, ranging from information that U need to the most

This is Roy ^_^

crap gibberish (like this blog ^_^). So, last weekend I went bankrupt thus I spent my weekend in my room just randomly surfing the web looking nothing in peculiar then in 1up.com I stumble into some thread (somehow the thread is erased when I want to read it again, probably due to the fact that it’s a very old thread, circa 2011 the date mentioned if I’m not mistaken) in the forum that sparks my interest. Some random guy, if I’m not mistaken & my memory serves me right, his nickname is Mustang99 with avatar picture Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist. He shares his love story that ends abruptly unhappy. Let’s call this guy Roy from now on he he. I’d like to share my view to him, so Roy, if U read this (hopefully, finger crossed) this one’s for U Bro!

First thing that made interested is he post lyrics from Across Five April’s “A Year From Now”, which is some of the best love story went wrong/broken hearted soundtrack if U ask me, as a prologue of his story (if U don’t know, Across Five April or A5A is a rock band which fits into category of hardcore or emo with growl & shout, of course I was stunned knowing someone chose A5A song as soundtrack of his love he he, though this track is really not a song, but spoken love letter with background music ^_^). Click here if U wanna know the song but heed the warning, this track don’t represent A5A song in general (this is a mellow/slow song with awesome lyric, one of the best if U ask me). Then this guy poured his heartache with no hesitation like machine gun firing bullet of angst, hatred, desperation & other whiny things ^_^. I really admire this generation for their openness, things like this usually bottled up just for our self but they just share this story for whatever reason that I can’t comprehend, maybe attention whore or just want to let some steam into innocent public.

Then this guy asks interesting thing, “Have u ever been in love or broken hearted that stupid love song started to make sense & u afraid of it?” (hence the title of this blog). He tell a story of a boy & a girl that fast forwarded to the point the girl cut the relationship cuz she in love with another person (he said that this is due to the fact that the other guy has more to offer such as money, future, wealth, etc) while the boy can only accept it knowing that it takes 2 to tango but it only takes 1 stop the dance & the girl had pull the plug. He said that he never saw it coming. Maybe he is too blind to see or too in love to realize something went wrong.

This is funny since people always said that women use heart while men use logic but what happened here is vice versa, the girl use her logic that conclude the other guy have brighter future than him. I admit that I also like this, don’t know bout others but when in love I think we all become idiot & drowned by it, we actually use our heart. My guess is the girl is not really into him in the first place, maybe this explains why some girl, hot-beautiful-awesome girl having relationship with a guy who physically so-so, though girl always deny it with cliché excuses such as “he is funny, he is smart, etc”. Sorry if this rude but we, most men see this thing only in “black & white” situation, if U R not part of the solution U R part of problem or if U don’t, just don’t. Don’t give men some hope even the smallest or implied hope for we will always hope for “it’, we prefer that women shattered our dream clearly so we can cry (yes, boys do cry) & move on knowing that we don’t stand a chance (sometimes I think that girl loves to have her option open so he can choose the best while men, playboy excluded, is focus only for one girl at a time). Just like A5A lyric, “You were a priority, was I an option?”

I know I’ve been in that similar situation but somehow I feel exactly like Roy & A5A song “A broken heart is not what I wanted from this/But I guess I’ve learned from it/But aren’t you supposed to learn from your mistakes?/I don’t consider this a mistake/I just wish the story didn’t end this way/Cause I’m still in love with the person who helped me write it.” Ha ha, just like Vertical Horizon’s song “I’m Still Here” (click here if U wanna know the song) with the part “If you were right & I was wrong/Why are you the one whose gone & I’m still here?”. No matter how much pain or hurt a girl give us, we can’t deny the fact that once we share something special. Just cuz it’s over, it doesn’t mean the love that once shared is never existed right? Oh, to make things worst, Roy said somehow he can relate to “If You’re Not The One” by Daniel Beddingfield! Wow, he succumbs into the bottom of the abyss indeed ha ha.

Somehow I can relate to this guy, especially now that he tried to move on & find a girl (which he described in a way that seems to

He can be wise sometimes

be way better than the previous one, good job kiddo) that he thinks will be “the one” (maybe the previous one is only “the other one” ^_^). But here’s the catch, he is afraid that this new girl will do the same thing his ex does, leave him wounded ha ha. In the thread he didn’t get enough “decent” response or reply, everyone seems t just bully him so I just wanna say that I understand the feeling & I’d like to share my view on this. First, either U admit it or not, love is always around us, just like Jamestown Story’s song “Love can fade, can break away/ can be forgotten, but not replaced “. Love always there, all U gotta do is embrace it & if U can’t get the same sensation of head over heel or deeply in love, well there’s an old saying “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you with” he he. Or like awesome quote from TV series Community by one of the most absurd character Pierce Hawthorn “I’ll give you the same advice my father gave me the night I lost my virginity. Juts pick one. They all cost the same” ha ha ha.

OK, what I said earlier is rude but c’mon dude! There are like gazillion people in earth (not counting aliens) & U can only pick one, how can U tell she is the one? U will never know. Just like my previous blog, all we can do as mortal is to give it a try. It’s a trial & error I know. We will meet expectation, shattered dream or pain & heartache but we can also meet happiness, love of our life. Just like gambling or anything in life. We never know if we don’t go, fly or die, get rich or die tryin’ bottom-line, just give it a shot.

There’s a reason why it called “falling” in love. It’s hurt cuz it is a fall, a free fall. Either we hit the ground or fly we never know, it’s like leap of faith ha ha. If we wanna fall in love, we also have to prepare to be experiencing broken heart. There’s a price for everything. No pain no gain.

Let’s just say we fast forward into the future. Looking back to what we did in life, I bet rubble to a dollar that we regret things we didn’t do rather than things we did. I mean, failure can be considered as experience (or delayed success) but the real failure is not to try. Just looking back to what already happened I our life, I bet all the mistakes we made would be some funny moment or at least story to be told to our next generation. Bottom-line Roy, just go for her. U can never tell she’s a jackpot or just false move but it’s worth a shot, just like everything in life. Give it a shot, like many times ha ha. Just like All American Reject song’s “Move Along”, all U gotta be is strong & move along (this song should be OST for any broken hearted people so we can move along ha ha)


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