Not Everyone Is A Hero

We’re common people with uncommon stories/There will be a time for you & me

“Tuesday” by Oh Nina

Recently, some colleagues of mine share a story bout how he thinks that life is not fair, that he is never will be in the spotlight. It feels like life passing him by while he just stood there like some rock at the bottom of the river. He envy the fact that his friend entering the office as Officer (from Officer Development Program) while he already works for 3 years & still be some clerk. Bottom line, he feels worthless.

As a fellow low class clerk I feel him but I know that his rant or whine is sucks. Why? I mean, life is not fair? It is! He is a guy, he

Suck this!!!

should know that life is unfair, usually though, learned that life is not fair as early as we learn sports. Sports teach us that there can be only one. No matter how hard U tried, practiced or even pray, sometimes U just can’t win it. Sports teach us how this world works, winning isn’t the most important, but it is the only thing. History written by blood & it is told from the winner point of view (I still think that if world war or cold war ends differently we will be communist, I mean since every system has it good & bad, it depends on us to use or abuse it).

Some people, the losing side, tried to comfort ourselves by saying that it is the process, not the result that matter, which is logic since not everyone can be winner, there can be only one. To say that it’s like saying it’s the journey not the destination while deep down it’s actually we are too scared to see the ending. But since not everyone can be winner, we have to just settle for it, I mean as ordinary person, we have to make the best of what we’ve already got, even if it’s mean like the old saying “if U can’t be with the one U love, love the one U with”.

So, life is not fair, not everyone can be heroes, so what does it leave for the rest of us, the loser, and the underdog? Well, either U believe it or not, human is a social creature, of course there can be one leader but don’t forget, what good is a king without a country or people to rule. That’s when supporting role shines. Just like in sport, the spotlight usually mid-fielder or striker but what can they do without the support from everyone, from back, goal keeper, coach, etc? We all need others. I guess we all need to know what our role in this life.

Sacrificial lamb

Recently, Moslem around the world celebrate Idul Adha where most Moslem sacrifice lamb or cow (kinda like animal cruelty I know but at least those animal slaughtered for good cause, to be given to the poor & need). Let’s put our shoes in those animals as analogy. Not everyone destined for greatness, some unlucky people are meant to be sacrificed for the good of mankind or as an example for others so they don’t make the same mistake. Who wants to like them? But like it or not, someone has to. Just like nobody wants to be the garbage guy but someone has to do the job right? Imagine if there’s no garbage guy while we all too lazy to do the cleaning, we all live in the dumpster. In someway, we have the role in life, in the bigger picture or in this “machine” called life, we have the important role that link or connected to others that make the big machine works properly.

Sure I don’t stand a chance to be, let’s say Batman. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t stand up for justice. Everyone has the right to do right thing (or even bad thing). We all the hero in our story, even if the scope of our story not as significant as others. My friend once said that “Maybe we feel like we are nothing, but believe it or not, I believe that for that special someone, or even for some people, we meant everything, we meant the world for them”, good word he he. In some way or another, not everyone is a hero, literally, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be hero in our own story.


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