U Think U Know, U Have No Idea, But On 2nd Thought, U Already Know About It

Dejavu? More like revelation

Recently, I remembered that I once went to Mecca to do pilgrimage (as

Lost…my sandal ^_^

agnostic as I am, I do that one he he). If U R Moslem, U probably heard that if U went to Mecca, U will have “strange” experience that somehow most of people said that it’s an act by God to give U a warning or tells U what is wrong with what U did all this time. There was a story bout this girl who always shouts & angry to others & when she went to Mecca she always gets shout or being mad at. Other story is that a corrupt official went to Mecca & he gets mugged, pick pocketed, etc. It seems that God have strange taste of humor to show all the wrong things that we’ve done.

So, I went there & guess what happened to me, I lost my sandal. It was stolen when I’m doing my prayer, my guide also lost his sandal there at the same time. My guide is also act as the spiritual guide & he said that yes, this is a sign from God to remind us of what we did before we went to Mecca. He said that the warning is different for everyone & usually only us can decipher what God tried to remind us of, kinda make sense knowing that me & him lost our sandal but probably what we went through is different (unless he is a jerk like me he he).

Still got them

So, I tried to decipher this Da Vinci code code God gave me (exaggerated I know ^_^) in form of why I lost my sandal in Mecca. So, I tried to think as hard as I could & I came to conclusion that I was too attached to something (I still do though), to anything. Just like I still have Donald Duck figure from Happy Meal© (circa 1994) & Bartman The Simpson character (circa 1995). Or how I manage to keep single after my first break-up, took me 5 years before I started a new one) or how I won’t start a new game in video game before I manage to finish my game (no wonder my video game collection is not, well in some way, a lot). I admit I am “heap-er” or “pile-er”, I seldom or even never throw away my stuff unless they are broken or I gave it to someone else since I have a weird philosophy that every thing that I bought is, in essence, I adopted into my small twisted family in my room, thus I seldom or never throw away my stuff (mostly either sold or gave it to someone, throw them away is a last resort).

Fun movie

Well, back to topic, it is fun to know that the guide said that to decipher what God tried to tell us, we have to look deep within our self or basically God works through mysterious ways. But what funny is we think we know then after thinking for awhile, we have no idea…but after we sort things through, we probably already have the answer. Just like a theory that we never really cultivate our brain full potential (rumor has it that we only use 30% of our potential though this theory is very arguable among experts). There is some sickness or syndrome that makes people never forget, hyperthymesia, I like to think that as using our full potential. Like that movie “Limitless” which is kinda exaggerated but it sure does shows what happened if we cultivate our brain full potential.

Most people hate to sleep with unresolved matters. Me, I like to let my subconscious tried to find my own answer. In Islam, there’s a special prayer that let us ask God for answer called Istikhoroh prayer. The method of Istikhoroh is after we done Islamic prayer, we ask a question to God than we sleep. Moslem believes that God will give answer whether in dream or another signs, any kind of signs (like our friend or stranger said things that have connection with our problem), which is funny that this method is actually like my method to leave our subconscious to answer the problem itself.

Solid proof for this is when my friend is in dilemma, he was “forced” to get married to his girlfriend that he actually didn’t love (he did like her but not love, he just go with the flow knowing that he feels comfort with her). So my friend is in dilemma that he might spent the rest of his pathetic life with the wrong girl or just looking other girl (but the price he would pay is to embarrassed all of his & her family). He ask anyone to find an answer but I know that he actually already know the answer, he just deny it while looking for some answer that might satisfied him. How do I know he already find the answer? He said this, “Damn, I might be married the wrong girl. But I guess that what I have to pay for playing with someone’s heart. A good & pure heart he he. Might as well married for some years than divorce eh?”. He might said that out of “nothing” just like some regular rant or whine, but I think that it his subconscious that try to tell him the answer he already know.

I guess my stupid theory “U Think U Know, U Have No Idea, But On 2nd Thought, U Already Know” is quite valid. Sometime the answer is already in front of us but somehow we just missed it, or we deny it, or we even don’t bother it for some reason. Or maybe we’ve been looking for all the wrong places for answer while what we’ve been looking for or the answer is there all along in front of us. That’s why sometimes we need shrink to solves our problem while actually what they do is just listening to us gathering all the pieces to build a answer that might satisfied us, with solid foundation that hard to be denied by ourselves. Just like Batman says above.

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