The Puppy Love Theory

I was your boyfriend when we were 15/It’s the happiest that I’ve ever been/Even though we didn’t understand/How to do much more than just hold hands/There’s so much about you I miss/The clumsy way we used to kiss/I wish I convinced you, you’ve made a mistake/If memory serves, we’re still on a break /Other girls went and other girls came/I can’t get over my old flame/I’m still in love with Emily Kane

“Emily Kane” by Art Brute

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

He he, look at that image on the left, tell me what do you see? Puppy love? Cause there is what I see he he. Then it came to me that puppy love is something that quite intriguing. I mean, we still small, we didn’t know what we do or the consequence that will happen with every action we take, but it just happened. We “fall in love”, a puppy love most people said.

Do we even know what love is at that time? Hell, I didn’t even know the definition of love at the moment & I’m 29 years old! I found puppy love intriguing since I found an article of Eminem said in on of his interview on Rollingstone Magazine (sorry I didn’t found the site) that one of his advices regarding love is to look back at our love in high school. They love us for what we are, before we became somebody. But think about it, we all became tainted with what this sick world has shown to us when we were young. So I take a step back & conclude that puppy love is the purest form of love. No pretension, no second thought, no pros & cons, just love.

Have U ever think about our first love? I honestly can’t remember who she is. Maybe a model, actress, I don’t know. Most people will probably think their first love is the girl they date first, who shares their first kiss, etc. But what about unrequited love? So I back to puppy love where innocence still around the corner. I wonder why or what drive us to decide (though I don’t think small kids can really “decide” on behalf of themselves) that specific person will be our puppy love.

Puppy love is fun, cute & even outrageous & crazy. I once told by my neighbor that her son is like a womanizer, he switch girl

For no apparent reason ^_^
For no apparent reason ^_^

almost yesterday. After a small inquiry, it appears that every girl that he play with or befriended with will be called his girlfriend. But one funny think is, every girl that become his “girl” (not every girl apparently, but the one he like most) have something in common. White skin, long hair girl, just like his mom he he.

Try to give it a thought, maybe puppy love is what will be our “default” type. I know that most people will take a different route in love life regarding their type, like my mom’s friend really love hairy guy but her husband is a clean hairless guy! (Not even a mustache). This might be an example of my theory of ideal type & realistic type but not most of us will settle for second best aren’t we? We like to achieve our goal right? So that’s why I think that puppy love has significant impact in our life.

I try so hard to think about my puppy love but I honestly can’t. So far I only have two relationships in my life. The first is a backstreet relationship that never officially establish due to one & other things (specifically religion issue). The 2nd is my relationship at the moment, officially we are a couple & hopefully we manage to go to the next level. But as I look to what type of girl that could possibly make me head over heel is some specific type, Asian girl, girl with glasses or girl with music instrument he he (I even make a blog about my type of girl he he).

My theory is, puppy love will somehow make a blue print of our type. I mean, maybe I have different type of girl that I like, but I know I have a knack for Asian girl. This can be trace back to my early childhood. I studied in Catholic school since kindergarten, FYI in Indonesia another faith beside Islam is minority, so I used to something called difference. And that’s probably why I have soft spot for Asian, they are different (Chinese descendant still minority despite Islam also came from acculturation of Chinese trader & mixed marriage between Chinese descendant & native people). “Different” is the keyword, as X Men & punk rock fans, also as a child grew from parents with different faith, I always intrigued & attracted to everything that is “different” and probably why I fell for two girl I mentioned before he he. They are different from the others. OK, maybe we all are unique to each other, but that doesn’t make us useful or important to others, but I Guess it is the misfit & outcast (though they are not some gothic or weird kid) persona that made them different from others that attract me.

Seeing from my case, I guess there is some significance to puppy love. If U wanna know what type of girl U really dig, try to remember your puppy love. It might be helpful he he. Don’t take it for granted. Maybe if U remember who your puppy love is, try take a visit, maybe she is the one he he.