If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It, Sometimes It’s The Imperfection That Makes It Beautiful

So, last year I bought adapter for my lovely PEN EP-1. A lovely made in China device that made me able to use my grandpa lenses

200k? Worth every penny
200k? Worth every penny

from his old Pentax (the lenses is older than me! The lenses is 40 years old). Why I did I do this? Well, my grandpa’s camera is broke, also it’s old analog camera which is kinda hard to use, especially in digital age like now. Also, as cool as room ornament could be, it is bugging me every time I saw it. I wonder what it feels like to use that camera.

After some query on the net, I manage to find a guy who could “fix” lenses, it mount to be exact, in order to use it in modern digital camera. If U happens to be in Jakarta, visit this guy, Jimi at his cell on 081318212888 or visit his counter at Metro Alam Plaza 2nd floor blok AKS 48 in Pasar Baru (highly recommended guys. His price is one of the cheapest. My adapter is only 200k Rupiah or 20 US$, it’s like buy stuff on ebay without shipping). So without further due, I represent to U my new EPL1 PEN with my grandpa lenses he he. As if his legacy lives on he he.

Grandpa's + Mine = Favorite camera
Grandpa’s + Mine = Favorite camera

Well, I know using 3rd party accessories in any device bound to have some “adaptation”, so does this lenses. I can only use manual focus & hard time to set aperture & no zoom (if U happens to have PEN EPL1 like me, just use auto mode and just thinking of the manual focus & aperture he he). The lenses is heavy! I could drop the lenses on babies & I bet that poor baby either permanently wounded, dead or for the love of good, just had a concussion he he.

I know it’s hard to use it, sometimes U get vignette or flare or even unwanted bokeh (some art filter in my camera also hard to apply with this lenses), but somehow I’m not complaining. Somehow it’s make every shot unique & different he he. But with manual focus came extra fast snap shot he he (lighting fast!). Here some of shot that I taken this day (I’m lazy I know he he, but this also proof that using this lenses is enjoyable ha ha). All image is not “touched” by photoshop, just rezise he he.

Fast snap but the zoom kinda off he he
Lightning fast snap but the zoom kinda off he he. She ran away after I shot her
Awesome depth of field
Awesome depth of field

It’s some sort of miracle knowing that 40 years old lenses like this still works properly he he. It’s like the good old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but I wonder if maybe the old stuff were made with full hearts of those who build it. I mean, this lenses is heavy, compares to modern lenses, modern lenses is like plastic toy. So, if U have some old stuff laying in house, try to make most of it. Try that reuse, reduce, recycle guys.

Conclusion, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, sometimes it’s the imperfection that makes it beautiful (just like in life, it’s the imperfection that brings the sparks & spices in life). Every shot is different & unique, it makes all the hard, sometimes futile effort worthwhile he he.

Favorite shot of the day!!!
Favorite shot of the day!!!

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