My Wildest Dream Come True! Some Sort Of

What hte hell is this?
What the hell is this?

Did U see what I see? A camera with Android operation system that triggered my interest! Why? Cuz this is not the first camera with Android OS (Samsung does it first but I have no interest in oversized compact camera, iphone camera is probably better for point & shoot camera (even there is a device that boost iphone camera into 14 mega-pixel camera). Seriously, I don’t give a damn about mega-pixel since I already satisfied with my 12.1 mega-pixel PEN), what matter is the sensor & the lenses.

My biggest complains for Samsung Galaxy camera (or any other camera with Android such as Nikon’s or even that iphone mutant thing) is that the lenses are not as good as regular DSLR or micro four third (obviously), hence the sub par image or photo quality. But just like the resurgence of lomography, where somehow bad lenses or even “damaged” image became trend, sometimes having the best lenses or image quality doesn’t mean anything (imagine how furious researcher that spending countless amounts of times & works for enhancing & perfecting image quality ^_^).

Android OS!
Android OS!

For all complaints, I admit that cell phone camera or that new type camera with new operation system is such bliss if U likes to share image with others. They have Bluetooth, internet connection (via wi-fi) & image editor (ever try image editor that built on micro four third or any DSLR/SLR camera? It’s kinda annoying since not only it takes time to load or edit image, not every camera has built in image editor). Hell, even this kind of camera can be used as mp3 player (probably) & internet connection.

So, my idea of ideal camera is something like my PEN with Android or ios brain. That is where my interest sparks by the18

Interchangeable lenses!
Interchangeable lenses!

mega-pixel Polaroid iM1836 camera! Check here for the full review (don’t trust me, I’m an idiot ^_^). This baby is mirrorless camera (the same vein with my lovely PEN) & of course, interchangeable lenses! To make it sweeter, this baby could use micro four third lenses with adapter! How cool is that! And look how small it is! This is one camera worth to watch & spent money on! This is one of my wildest dream come true ha ha


Dafuq is this? Is my eye deceiving me?
Dafuq is this? Is my eye deceiving me?

Speaking of dream come true, there is one invention in 2012 that didn’t get enough coverage or acceptance by media. Finally, in


2012 we see the light of day of robot. OK, Honda with Asimo already started the trend long ago, but what I considered robot is something more like Gundam or Power Ranger Zord, the one I could ride & create maximum carnage, mayhem to unsuspecting victim (OK, sue me or arrest me that I have psychotic tendency). In 2012 we saw Kuratas!!!!!!, a robot like tank that looks exactly like something from Front Mission!

OK, we already tasted so much disappointed like years ago when we promised that in year 2000 we saw flying car (failed), robot (failed), laser gun (failed). Hell, in 90’s I read manga called “Patlabor” about police force specialized in labor case (labor in here is robot that used for labor work such as building roads, etc) & there’s iconic robot called AV-98 Ingram that supposed to be existed on 1998 (failed again). After felt disappointed so many times, finally, Kuratas is here in 2012. Check the video presentation here!!!

I wanna ride one!!
I wanna ride one!!

This robot is still in early designe, but talk about further improvement for this robot! Walking nuclear warhead launcher, weapon of mass destruction, or any kind of rampage here. I envy kids of future knowing that they can be pilot for tool of destruction!!!! My wildest dream to become pilot for advance robot fighting machine is here. Maybe the only thing that could sweetening this is if there will be monster like Godzilla that we could fight with our giant robot he he. Oh, U could control this robot from your cellphone also! How cool is that!!!!

The future is so bright I think I gotta wear shade just to look at it ha ha. I envy you next generations. On the other side, maybe war on the future generation will be so devastating that next generation will extinct, but hey. That’s a price I willing to pay just to ride this kind of robot ha ha ha ha

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