The Paradox Called Enough

If I could write to the kid I was before
I’d tell him you’ll get everything you ever wanted
But you will still want more.

“Here I Am Alive” by Art Yellowcard

I have this idea about enough after flood in Jakarta, I can tell that this is our fault that every now & then flood drowned Jakarta. No matter how hard officials try, if society don’t give a damn about environment, we are doomed to fail. Or in my personal opinion, we must had enough of shopping center or skyscrapers.

Have U ever wonder the real meaning of enough? I mean, it is human to be greed (ever heard the quote “greed is good” from Wallstreet?) & it is also human for hard to be pleased. I mean, it’s the driving force of progress & modernity. If we just contended with the way we were, we might be still living in the Stone Age, or at least we don’t have the wonder of technology.

Think about it, if we just satisfied with the way we was, like thunder is an act of God when he is angry, the world is flat, earth is the center of the galaxy, etc, we wouldn’t go anywhere. Not like I accused religion for it, but yes, sometimes religion is beyond comprehension that human limited comprehension tried to comprehend it, no wonder there are some misinterpret here & there.

OK, greed is not appropriate, let’s try curios or “what if” theory. We always wonder what if there is another way, a better way to 159603564-10-jpg_235526improve what we have. We strive for something better, something bigger, something higher, something, everything, and anything. But it has a drawback, our insatiable thirst for progress somehow destroyed environment. I mean, in Islam human was acknowledge as the most perfect being, khalifah or leader. It is up to us to lead the future of this planet. Unfortunately, we also the one who lead it into destruction, just like flood in Jakarta recently, it’s our fault that we treat nature like shit, so in the act of reciprocity, nature treat us like shit also.

Believe it or not, this planet can sustain itself with ease even without human intervention. Every creature adapt to its environment in order to sustain the ecology. Human is a different breed, we act like cancer that consume natural resource, we force the environment to adapt with us, after the resource is out of order or exploited, we just move to other place & do everything all over again. No wonder we are also the harbinger of doom to this planet (at least we brought this upon ourselves he eh). So, with the consequence about our thirst for progress, the idea of “enough” is somehow make sense right?

When we were young, it really doesn’t matter if we don’t eat, if we don’t sleep. It seems that we are enhanced with extra power, or we just young & dumb he he. What a wonderful youth. I remember not sleeping after moshing on some concert since the adrenaline is so high as if I just inject myself with drugs. But now? It seems like I was old already, as if I have the mind of teenager that trapped within shell of an old & weary man. It’s a sign of time telling me to take things slow. Just like we had enough of some food, our body would tell us to stop.

There are other forms of enough, like when we had enough of oppression or bully that we decided we had enough & no matter how the result is, we just want to “blow” so everyone knows that we had enough. That is why I think that we need to be taught to feel “enough” from early childhood.

I can tell U how it “hurts” to be man who doesn’t know where or when is enough. I can tell that my sister is one of it. She is a successful career woman with perfection oriented. Her life is like some episode or chapter that never ending. As if that “what now” syndrome, the one that I have when I still celebrate new year with a party. After the count down where we celebrate New Year, I always haunted by that “what now” syndrome. OK, this New Year, so what? What now? As if every achievement didn’t matter since there always new goal, new mountain to climb. It hurts to know that everyone, every situation, every achievement will never be enough for us, even we can never be satisfied with ourselves.

I know it is a paradox knowing that enough sometimes is the source of delay for progress (like me, I admit that I am a professional procrastinator he he) but we can act like knowing when is enough is like having second thought about anything, like asking did we cross the line or did we screw things up.

I know there is no standard for “enough”, it is different for everyone. “Enough” is on of those things that could be classified as a paradox, but it is important to learn it, to take a step back a little to see what we done, what we achieve & learn to be thankful (in Jakarta, I think we already had enough shopping center, give us another park or something, or culture center or anything but another mall! Or some dam to preserve water.). Sometimes, we don’t need to know everything (ignorance is bliss) or have to unravel everything (some things are better left unknown), sometimes enough or what we have is already good enough. It’s a must to know “enough” is enough.


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