Love Is Only A Feeling

The first flush of youth was upon you when our eyes first met
And I knew that to you and into your life I had to get
I felt light-headed at the touch of this stranger’s hand
An assault my defenses systematically failed to withstand

‘Cos you came at a time
When the pursuit of one true love in which to fall
Was the be all and end all

Love is only a feeling (Drifting away)
When I’m in your arms I start believing (It’s here to stay)
But love is only a feeling….Anyway

”Love Is Only A Feeling” by The Darkness

Ah, love is in the air as Valentine comes near us. I loath valentine for one reason, its prostituting love & commercialized it till there’s nothing left of it (And it’s endorse one of my most hated thing in the world, chocolate). Funny thing is, most survey indicate that most women lose their virginity in valentine he he. Guess the line between sex & love is getting thin ha ha. Oh, some people also chose valentine for their wedding date (maybe it’s easier to remember wedding date if people married at valentine). Even wedding, what most people considered as the highest form of love, also can’t escape the dreaded commercialized valentine he he.

Recently I have a talked with my peers about the fact that both of us kinda reject the institution called “marriage”. Well, not like we don’t wanna get married, but the fact that most people in our age (circa 21-dead) only wants to have their “status” changed into married. Probably they not doing it for love or something, they just needed to have “graduated” from single life into married. There’s an unwritten law that if someone has not yet married, he/she can’t be considered as a good leader since they never really “lead” until he/she can lead hi/her own family. So, there’s no love involved in marriage (well, there is love at the very least but obviously not the foundation whatsoever).

Let me put it this way, when we were young, probably in high school or middle high, we have this “relationship” called puppy love. Believe it or not, puppy love is the purest form of love where we fall for someone for no reason whatsoever. That statement is arguable, but at that time, we don’t give a damn if they are from different race, different faith, etc, we just like (not love, probably he he) that person, that’s it. Just like my blog before he he.

Back to “our age”, in Indonesia there is some stigma that if someone not married in their 20’s, either they are rejected or unwanted, or physically ugly. So everyone, not just the people that not married yet but also the family, are making big commotion out of it. U can imagine the pressure, as if the urge to get married is the biggest problem in the universe. As if they are not married while all their friend already married or they are the last one whose still not married, they won’t married at all, which is not a bad thing anyway, not everyone have soul-mate (disagree? What about those who died young before married). That is why it seems that everyone is rushed to get married, also that is why divorce rate is so high. Marriage is like picking cats in the cradle than picking the right one. Then again, I’m not talking about marriage, but love, which most people said the most powerful force of all.

I admit that I am the guy who didn’t believe in love at first sight (I prefer lust at first sight), or soul-mate (overrated just like coffee-mate), or even Mr. Right guy (I prefer Mr. Right now), bottom-line, I think love is overrated & I prefer commitment but I also believe that loneliness is also underrated which understandable why almost everyone rushed to “in a relationship” or even get married. The thought of living the rest of our life in loneliness seems scary for almost anyone. Strange though, I might be the minority that prefer to be waiting, even waiting in vain, to wait for the right one rather than spent my entire life with the wrong one (did I mentioned that I don’t believe in love? Strange, eh?).

Guess what, from my statement above, love is just a feeling, just like hate, envy, lust, etc. Hell, maybe love supposed to be one of the seven deadly sin but replaced by lust (which is kinda the same like love he he). And just like other feeling, not all of it will last forever (time will tell if our love withstood the test of time). Even my mom said that love just ain’t enough for long lasting relationship, like married or even committed to work, sometimes it’s the commitment that makes us stay. I mean, falling in love is easy but to make it last it’s whole different level of question.

Maybe everyone is getting jaded or even had enough/sick with love, as in fairy tale love. Where every story ends with happily ever

Wise word from wise man
Wise word

after (usually where the couple married but we know that married is just the starting line for the next chapter). Some people turns into love hater or just don’t believe in love. We all been broken heart before, suffered, left out, etc. But don’t forget what Bob Marley said about love “truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just find the ones worth suffering for”.

Call it blind faith or what, but deep down we believe for something right? Some people believe in love, just like in Beyonce’s song “I Miss You”(yes I tried to listen to her though I could bear only few of her song) where the lyric stated “No matter who you love, it is so simple, a feeling, but it’s everything”

Suddenly I think conclusion to this stupid writing is answered in a song called “In Love” by Vivid. Guess it’s wit or without you situation that place love as the foundation of what we do. Just like how we play or do our hobby, it’s love that started it & probably love that finished it. Guess Love is everything & nothing. Hell! Just check Vivid song’s I mentioned before :

I heard them say that if you are in love you might go mad
what do you think of being alone instead?
A friend of mine who broke his spine a thousand times
Would leave the ground or somehow break his head

I guess I thought I could never feel the things I fell
I guess I thought I knew myself so well

Now did you say that if you are in love you might go mad
You haven’t seen me live without it

But I’ll be
In love with love again
And I’m gonna be
In love with love again

I know if you are not in love you’re not alive
At least I think or so it seems to me
And though I closed my eyes I heard it said
Love likes to kill you when you’re already dead

I guess I thought I could never feel the things I fell
I guess I thought I knew myself so well

And I know if you are not in love you’re not alive
Love likes to kill and I like being killed

But I’ll be
In love with love again
And I’m gonna be
In love with love again

For maybe this time I’ll rise to stand
Be woman enough to be a man
For maybe this time I’ll break in two
Or make it through

I know that nothing stays the same and try again
And sure I’ll trade a shower for a bath
I know if you are not in love you might go mad
I know myself


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