Either You Are With Us or Against Us. Some View on Education & Beyond

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave them kids alone
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

“Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” by Pink Floyd

  Actually, they need education, weird sentence with 2 negatives from that song he he. Well, back to the topic, I failed the promotion test in my office quite recently, I failed at Leaderless Group Discussion. I won’t rant on why I fail, since I know why (apparently I’m not the character that suitable in my company standard, I’m a lose canon), I just realize that somehow this world is going in the wrong direction, at least in my humble opinion. Well, to make it more valid, I have a conversation with colleague, my sister & others comrades in arms on that promotion test. The conclusion is, my company prefers certain type of character or personality, while not all of us are categorized in that certain personality.

So, basically, human is divided into several type of personality & also intelligence, the most common is these types:


Most modern education tried to apply different approach to accommodate each personality & intelligence so they could achieve maximum potential, but unfortunately the real world didn’t have the same idea, if you are not choleric type you probably didn’t fit to be officer (at least in my office. I happened to be Phlegmatic & sanguineous type). Come to think of it, maybe modern education has the same idea but they manage to bring a different package or euphemize it so kids with non choleric type won’t feel discourage that they never be leader or manager (non choleric type usually ends up as more artistic type of work). This world works with “it’s my way or the highway” or “either you are with us or you’re against us” type train of thought.

Think about it, parents, society, even this world wants us to be what they want us to be, not what we supposed to be. X Men is the perfect example of this (exaggerated sample even), I remember the time when Angel parents (Warren Worthington II) went to Xavier institute to “cure” his son, the dialogue is like this (if my memory serves me right though) :

Worthington     :     Can my son be cured?

Xavier              :     I don’t think you understand sir, there’s nothing wrong with Warren. He is “special”, in his own way.

Worthington     :     Don’t give me that “special” crap! “Special” is for retarded or idiot children! My son is a freak! He have wing, he could fly!

That dialogue pretty much sum education & beyond nowadays. Every child is unique & special, but those statement also means that none of us is special & unique, since we all are he he. Probably that’s how the world works.

Pretty much like this
Pretty much like this

Through my experience, either U joins the stream or stuck like some rock in the river.

But honestly, I don’t think the system works. I mean, look around us, in Indonesia to be more specific, the entry test to be state employee or public servant is one hell of a ride. It makes the definition of “hard” is “normal”. If it can be categorized, probably “hell” or “you gotta be kidding me” would be more appropriate on the difficulty level. I’m not exaggerated this, ask anyone that ever tried to enroll to that position. After the verification test that already hard, the chain of entry test including written, interview & psychology is waiting. Through that hell, we probably could expect one hell of a good public servant right? Well unfortunately no. Maybe there are jerks & asshole in one or two personnel, but the fact that this country still not getting better is an uncanny indicator that the system doesn’t works.

In my company, I also don’t think the system works the way the board wanted to. Like I said before, after they graduated from the test, those who passed somehow switched personality from the choleric into their previous different personality. As if to pass U had to sell your soul to the devil or become another person. I know someone who passed the promotion test but his personality doesn’t show that he is a manager level employee. Bluntly I said the system is broke.

Unfair but that how it is
Unfair but that how it is

So, what is the point of this stupid rant? Experience taught me that in order to change the world, U have to change you. Start with our self & simple thing, than one step at a time improved our self to become a better person (maybe not in our standard, but if U really want it I guess it is worth to sell yourself to the devil ^_^).

What if we don’t want to change our self? Like I said before, either U joins the stream or stuck like some rock in the river. Sometimes we don’t have to change, maybe we can change the system by stand up & refuse to change. Some people already start a new education system to show those “either you are with us or against us” education system that there is another way rather than their way. Knowledge is always been vast, infinite & expanded.

It would be foolish to neglect or ignore the possibility of new train of thought, a new education system & I do hope that in the future, education system, also other system beyond education can accommodate each uniqueness of individual to harness the full potential of that individual rather than “circumcised” the potential of that individual so they can fit into some society standard. Don’t we all wants to be stands out among the rest? Be different, be unique.


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