Quit Playing Games With My Heart…I Tell Them To Myself

Quit playin’ games with my heart
Before you tear us apart (my heart)
Quit playin’ games with my heart
I should’ve known from the start
You know you got to stop (from my heart)
You’re tearing us apart (my heart)
Quit playin’ games with my heart

Quit playin’ games with my heart by Backstreet Boys

Yeah, my girl loves Backstreet Boys & honestly they are still better than Korean Boy band these days ha ha. Back to topic, recently, a friend of mine tell a funny story of how her friendship almost torn apart for funny/ridiculous/petty reason, her friend thinks that she likes the same boy & my friend is a friendly type who always welcome everyone, thus making her friend more jealous that the boy is close to my friend. So, after knowing this, my friend kind of enrage due to the fact that she didn’t like the boy her friend accuse, also they never knew who is the girl that peculiar boy like. Silly yes, but this happens.

One thing I learned is, all is fair in love & war, and yes love isn’t a competition but we all love to be the winner right? Might as well say, it ain’t competition but it’s a full fledged, all-out, no hold barred, open war. I’ve seen many friendships ended because of this, for one love that is bloom, there are likely 2 hearts that will be broken, theoretically & mathematically.

Now this is a tricky part, we never really knew what others think of us, in so many-many ways. We never know if someone like us or just being nice to us, whether someone hates us or he/she just a jerk. This makes love or what I called “heart-game” interesting. We never really know the outcome. It’s like Schrödinger’s cat, we didn’t know whether the cat is alive or dead in the box. All we have to do or can do is either open the box or just ignore it while deep within we still curious if the cat is alive or dead. But we all know that the there is price to pay to know the answer, just like opening Pandora box that even after being opened we still can’t figure out what happened he he.

Love effects
Effects of “love”

It’s not an exaggeration, there’s a reason why someone we like called “crush” or it called “falling” in love. We can get crushed once we know that our crush love someone else or when we confess he/she said that they don’t like us, we are CRUSHED. Also, the reason they call it falling in love is to remind us that sometimes love is hurt, just like falling into the abyss that sometimes took almost forever to climb up.

Knowing that, we dare to fall in love, or maybe we don’t have a choice. I once wondering about why did we fall in love, even for the type of people that not really our type? Some people believe in love at first sight but I don’t since according to my experience, lust at first sight is more accurate. Some said that love is the greatest gift from the man above, the most powerful force in the world, etc but the bottom line is when love strikes, we can’t do a darn thing about it but submit to that feeling.

I disagree with that. I know it’s nice to falling in love, probably one of the best feeling in the world, but in the same level as the feeling after threw the biggest “dump” after constipation ^_^, but lets just be honest. Falling in love is easy, to maintain the feeling is hard. As if falling in love is a compulsory rites of passage but happy ending is optional he he. I once write love is only a feeling please don’t overrate it out of proportion.

Out of proportion? Well, ever seen a devastated people with broken heart? It’s amusing & sick at the same time. You thinks it’s funny to see grown man cry? Well it’s not. I can share some story about it, I don’t know why but somehow my friend have this feeling like I’m some sort of shrink that most of my friend tells me their story of love went wrong (along with others story). But there’s a red line between all that stories, a miscommunication between 2 parties like I said before, we never really knew what others think of us.

Some people love to do romantic things, poetry, singing, cooking but the other party doesn’t respond it nicely. Why? The other party not into the first party! No matter what we do, if the other party is not interested, it’s useless! He/she would find your romantic act is annoying. There’s just one of the misunderstandings about love, love becomes complicated since now we’ve been exposed to Hollywood drama, social media, gossip & other misguided source, our view of love become so distorted that love become such an annoying & suffering experience when love didn’t go according to our plan.

Honestly, I’m kinda sick to hear people complains about love, why he/she

Tells a thousand story
Tells a thousand story

didn’t meant for me, why it’s so hard to let him/her know how I feel, why I have to change in order for her/him to like me, etc or all those whining annoying brag, just like my blog title say, quit playing game with my heart. We blame other parties for all the love that went wrong, we even blame god, we blame everything but ourselves, that’s what most people do.

Let just be honest, we all are adult, it’s not their fault if our love is unrequited, if all our prayers went unanswered. Other people also has a right to ignore us, to reject us, just like we have right to fell in love & confess our feeling toward them. It’s our choice to stay & wait for that people who reject us (though it’s a hard thing to do) or find other that accept you for who you are. Just like all is fair in love & war, in love no one can harm anyone else, we all, each & every one of us responsible for our own feelings. We can’t blame others for what we feel. It’s depends on us how to act with this feeling we have. Some people held their feeling inside without confess it, some just be “OK” if their love interest happy for other (though it might be a denial) but bottom line is, don’t put the blame in other if our love went wrong, if you say quit playing game with my heart, tell that to yourself!

Damn true!!!!!
Damn true!!!!!

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