Some Are Paved in Gold & Glitter While Others Just Dingy

I met my mid-high school friend recently, after a brief talk he asks whether I’m married or not yet married (considering our age, it is the most common question). I said that I’m not yet married, though I hope I will be next year, and then he tells his story bout his cancelled marriage plan. He had this relation with a girl for 4 years, then when he decided its time to upgrade the game, to propose the girl the idea of marriage, the girl dropped the ball & ends their relationship (apparently his girl not sure about their future from the start but too afraid to end it but this proposal strong enough for her to end it, or that girl is probably a gold digger knowing my friend is royal to everyone ^_^).

Then my sister also asks me whether she & her soon to be husband looks unprepared or something, due to the fact that my dad keeps wondering that my sister wants to get married instantly (outrun me even he he). Then my sister state that we don’t have to wait long to get married, if we found that person with “clicked” personality just get it on. This brings me to my work colleague that also married instantly, according to me though (introduced by some friend, chat through blackberry messenger, rendezvous then ask to be married then boom! Marriage).

OK, to be clear, I don’t believe in love at first sight (lust would be appropriate) so I don’t believe that we could just instantly married someone we barely know. I mean, even my parents didn’t know who I am exactly (they shocked to know that I have different blood type than them or how I despise chocolate while they loves it), how am I supposed to married someone that I barely know. But to my surprises, there are people who did this & have lasting relationship.

This case also happens with married couple or anyone with “baby” thing. What I mean is this, there are married, legit couple married for years but didn’t have a baby but there are random people who “accidentally” doing some coitus (like drunk & have sex or being raped) then without any further due they have baby! How crazy is that? Divine comedy? Or maybe god have bizarre sense of humor he he. This also happens outside of love subject such as friend of mine being jobless for quite sometimes then hired by awesome company while others still fighting to be promoted in so-so company.

It makes me wonder if we really have a chance to determine our fate or maybe fate are preordained & nothing we can’t do about it. Some people believe that we are master of our own destiny while others submit to the hands of fate & any road that lead them. Religion taught us (at least in Islam) that if we tried hard enough & pray we can change our fate, our destiny into a better one. My friend has this theory that the big guy (God) the all merciful works in 3 way & 3 ways only (my friend is an optimist) in response to our prayers, this is what he concluded after years of prays:

  1. Yes it will be granted
  2. Wait, it’s not the right time for it yet
  3. I have something better for you

Yes, very amusing isn’t it he he. He is a happy go lucky guy. It’s nice to know someone like him still exist in this sick & filthy world.

Come to think of it, I always said that life is unfair, that it’s just the way of the 1cloudworld. It is foolish to expecting a lion won’t eat us because we won’t eat them. It’s just not the world works. Not everyone wants to live in the slum. Some even just born there for no reason whatsoever (at least in our human comprehension). Some of us just live life in some tracks like a train that can’t get out of its track.

2andrewryanSome of us have more privileges than the rest of us. There’s someone destined to be leader while others to be slave, but as a human, who were said to be the most perfect being, we have the free will that separate us from others beast. We have an option to choose. Even if we were meant to be slave, to be dead, to be born under a bad sign, we can choose, that’s what separate us from really be a slave; a man choose, slave obeys.

Yes we have different way or path that were given, some are paved with gold & glitter while others a rough patch, but it’s all depends on us to live our life. No matter how futile our resistance, we will never know till we try right? We have the ability to choose. Choose life, choose death, choose Playstation, choose a fucking big teddy bear or even choose to be clerk rather than officer, choose to surrender to faith or die trying to fight it. It’s our own life that was shaped by our own hand, no matter how petty the accomplishment is, don’t let anybody interfere or criticize it. It’s our life, our dream & only us that can deem it worthy or not.

So, next time you say life is hard, life is unfair, its you that probably weak or sucks. If you are better, stronger, life can be beautiful & maybe “the way” wouldn’t be bothersome since you know that everyone has its own path, worries bout your own not others.



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