Beauty is Only A Skin Deep & It’s Artificial or Fabricated

Innocent looks
Innocent looks

Anyone saw Rolling Stone magazine cover of the suspect (the guy not yet on trial) of Boston bombing Dzokhar Tsarnaev? It

They prefer shot like this ^_^
They prefer shot like this ^_^

makes quite uproar in US due to the fact that in that cover Dzokhar pose in a “dreamy” pose. I mean, US citizen don’t want the suspect to look good or what? Maybe they want the suspect (I think people there already made their mind that Dzokhar is guilty) too look bad, ugly, convicted rather than some good looking people with innocent smile, or maybe they want a mug shot of him he he. It would be logic if they ban the edition because they didn’t want to know Dzokhar part of the story rather than arguing why he looks so good looking or innocent on the cover.

Then again, people tend to be deceived by look, just like “first impression is matters” train of thought that made us fall for new person on that exact moment without knowing who he/she really is. Admit it, we all say that inner beauty is more important but we all dig or crave that beauty thing but shallow person (e.g. celebrities). The very reason why boy band or girl band is so popular (beside their song is catchy), just be honest, that’s why TV or internet is a more preferred than books or just radio, we can see how gorgeous the performer with sexy body or something like that.

Probably that’s also why photography is so popular, with the improvement of cell phone camera photography is more popular than ever, it’s a celebration of the beauty things in life that most of us thought is such a good idea to share the image we capture (some sort of narcistic behavior that longing for appreciation of others).

Weird part is, most people know that things are not what it seems, especially in modern media. Every star on TV or that we met on the street is using make up that can make the most regular Joe into charming prince, or so-so girl into a princess. South Korea is a good example of this skin deep beauty aficionado. They are known for their knack for plastic surgery (even most Korean gives their offspring plastic surgery as 17th birthday present) as if the whole nation agree that they are ugly people that need to be “fix”. Now please tell me that I was wrong when I say that we all obsessed with physical experience.

The definition of beauty by people nowadays, Korean
The definition of beauty by people nowadays, Korean

Knowing that what lies in exterior is false – pretense – fake but still we worship them. We obsessed of being model, we wants to have the celebrity look. I know a person that once feel ashamed of herself after watching South Korea celebrities & said “They are so beautiful, why am I so ugly compares to them” but thanks to the image like I attach above she doesn’t feel so bad he he (though she is a whining pessimistic person to begin with ^_^).

I will say it out loud, looks don’t matter, eventually though. I said it not like I’m ugly or what (I dare to say that I’m kinda good looking he he) but honestly, just like salivating to a new toys, we all wants it so bad but after buying it…probably there will be regret knowing we buy what we want but not we need. Let’s just say that we are falling in love by skin deep beauty, but what will make us stay in love is what lies within, the personality, the comfort, the “click” between us. Just like enrollment for a new job, aptitude is what makes us enter but what makes us survive & improving is attitude.

Just to point out that look matter eventually, you think that being model or celebrity is awesome? They probably the most

Not sexy enough? Edited!
Not sexy enough? Edited!

insecure people in the planet full of loser like us. They always under our surveillance, they have this obligation to look perfect or to make it worst, they are the very fabricated or artificial beauty by definition. Take some image I attach here, when model or celebrity don’t look good enough, they are always photoshopped by media (in this case, boob job for Kieara he he). With the pressure to look perfect, no wonder most model or celebrity turned into psychotic or drug addict in order to cope with their condition.

What I want to say is, if people said you’re ugly, don’t be sad. Those people are people with shallow minded that will probably living a pathetic life in the future after realize that the day they lost their skin deep beauty, they will be left with nothing or just regret. Oh, beauty lies in the eye of beholder, so the definition of beauty itself varies & unique for each individual. Some people like slim but others like fat one. So, look for people who love you for what you really are, not the person they want you to be. Don’t fall for those artificial beauty that endorsed by our media.


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