Be careful What You Wish For (It Might Be Granted)

When the Gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers
Oscar Wilde

I once wrote a blog titled “A want is not a need” (in 3 parts even, click here, here and here) & also that idea spanned into some of my other blog article. It is a very interesting idea which makes us wonder, what if all of our dream come true, what would happen, how the world will work if all of our dream come true. I believe that any creature could survive if it still has hope, any kind of hope, false-pretense, anything. A hope is a hope, even if its “only hope” that will never come true.

Hope, or to be more inline with this blog, the things we want or wish is what drives to survive in this wretched world filled with broken dreams & unanswered prayers. Maybe a dream of a better tomorrow, a world without stranger where everyone can live together in peace & harmony or maybe a petty dream like we got the things we want for the next month (say like Playstation 4 or something like that ^_^).

In Bruce Almighty, the question what happen when everything we want is granted is answered (in a comedic way though) which makes the world in chaos (there are people who prayed that the world will end, lots of people win the lottery that makes the company went bankrupt, many people died for no reason since there people who wish some particular people just die, etc). Bottom-line, the world doesn’t work that way.

There are thing called balance. Just like when we achieved success, there always other/s that will feel failure or for every love that bloom, there will be other heart/s that will be broken (there can be only on winner & the winner stand alone). So not everything we wanted will be achieved by us in this world.
Come to think of it, if you really want something & god (or any other deity you worship) don’t granted it, probably the thing you want is not meant for you, or it is not the time that you get it or maybe god have something better for you in the future. Maybe if we really want something so bad, we could achieve it someday, not now but someday. Maybe I want Playstation 3 but now I can’t have it but maybe someday (probably where Playstation 3 is outdated by newer console). It’s like a test if what we want really a want or even a need (since most of what we want is just spur of the moment that doesn’t last).

Back to what we really want or wish, we want lots of thing in life, from the petty one like simple materialistic things to something out of this world like end of days or to be with someone we like. Just like what Oscar Wilde said before, sometime god punish us with give us what we really want. Just like when my friend finally hooked up with the girl of his dream. After the glitter is gone (like 3 months or more), he finally realize that this girl he date with is a control freak, whiny, spoiled brat. After the glitter is gone, after the skin deep beauty is faded, he realize what he really need is a simple girl, a girl next door that fun to be with, not a princess that need a servant he he.

We always think that when we got what we want, we will be happy or that is the

So true
So true

answer to all of our problems. But most of the time gets what we wants is not the answer. Sometimes the things that we want is not what we need. Like my friend I mentioned earlier, or my high school friend that open an auto shop since he really loves motorcycle that learn the hard way that sometime the one we want is not what we really need. My friend (who open an auto shop) closed his shop due to the stress he felt while managing his auto shop that ended with he closing his auto shop, he can’t bear the stress. His conclusion, don’t mix work with hobby, you’ll ended up hating it.

So I guess that when you wanted something so bad, you should give a second thought about it or give it some time to lay low & wait if that want is something really you need or just spur of the moment. Be careful what you wish for because we might just get it all, like wants our parents death or the end of the world. Be very careful because God has weird sense of humor, we called it divine comedy. Remember a want (or wish) is not a need & sometimes when the Gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.

God sense of humor at its best ^_^
God sense of humor at its best ^_^

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