Beauty Lies In The Eye oF The Beholder

I always have soft spot for capturing live performance on stage (any kind of performance, singing, band, stand up comedy, etc). There’s something interesting knowing that it is very hard to capture that moment in the “right” way. There are always problems like low lighting, moving object, over exposure (sometimes the light focused on the performer & make your camera setting out of equation). It is very challenging. Recently while I shoot a friend of mine performing, fellow photo enthusiast tried to capture the performance using a cell-phone, of course its hard & sometimes make others complaint due to the fact for cell-phone to capture great moment is to get closer to the object & most people also using behemoth size tablet to capture that moment. I hear someone yells, “Get a real camera you dumb f*ck!” (in Indonesian but the degree of sarcasm is kinda like that, this is when I realize that funny Nokia commercial he he).

Friend of mine, capture with tele-lens
Friend of mine, capture with Oly PEN tele-lens. FYI, he became runner-up that night

Well, I wont say that I’m a photographer (I lack the skill & knowledge of the proper way to capture the right photo, the ISO,

So close the security told me to back off
Shot with old Sony walkman. So close the security told me to back off

shutter speed & whole that bunch of technical extravaganza, etc) but I always been a photo enthusiast. I love a great shot, I admire a great photo, even bought a mirrorless camera for the sake of being able to take a decent shot he he. But I digress that idea “buy a real camera”. Not because it sounds snobbish (it is sounds snobbish though) but a great shot is a great shot, no matter what the media you use it, cell phone, compact came or full frame DSLR. It even cooler knowing you can get great shot using a limited resources or lesser camera than the real camera. I admit I loathe DSLR user since some of them are dumb f*ck who buy & use it just to show off, like “See this big gun totting canon like camera? I’m a photographer.” (sorry I can’t help myself to loathe them ha ha. That’s probably why I choose mirrorless, it’s small & compact, non threatening the object).

From my experience, it is hard to capture great shot with cell phone due to the small sensor & small lens, but just like Robert Capa said “If your photo aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough” which is very spot on to cell phone user since macro shot with cell phone is easier than using camera (excluded the use of macro lens he he). Cell phone camera is the best thing that ever happen (yet though, digital camera still the best thing that ever happened to photography since we don’t have to use film ever again) for street photography, just Like Chase Jarvis said “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” (also the title of his book, do check it if you have the time) & that is the very point of cell phone camera, you always have it with you (though as user of inter-changeable lens I love to joke the best lens is the one you left at home ^_^).

To make it cooler, cell-phone camera nowadays has image editor software that can “make” the crappiest shot into a piece

Still smile looking at this shot ^_^
Still smile looking at this shot

of art (that’s why prior the iPhone cell-phone photography never really big). Well, even more DSLR user (the “real camera”) brought a tablet to edit their picture before share it to Internet. Sure some purist loathe the idea, they only acknowledge a great shot is made without any filter or apps but come on! Nowadays most people ask who touch up the photo as often as who is the photographer (a fact that also piss me off).

Lo-fi use my cell-phone ^_^
Lo-fi use my cell-phone ^_^

To give another blow to purist DSLR snobbish user, nowadays people dig the whole lo-fi camera (you know, that broken camera with weird photo result such as Lomo, Holga, Diana, etc). Lo-fi is the real antithesis of purist, it seems like a mockery for those purist due to the fact that lo-fi doesn’t care about sharpness of the image, auto focus, etc. They made their own rule, just shot, that’s it. The blow is so hard that purist called this type of photo enthusiast as hipster, those who pretend to worship the era they didn’t even born yet or this weird effect on film is just a compensation of how suck those people in taking shot (I admit most lo-fi photo is a weird object but then again, art is subjective).

Well, to put thing first thing first, the priority is to get that great shot, which somehow subjective, no matter the media you use it. That great shot is subjective, different for each

Cell phone did this. Cool huh?
Cell phone did this. Cool huh?

individual, that’s why beauty is lies in the eye of the beholder. I can say that I won’t waste my money on Mona Lisa but I waste my cold hard earned cash to Jim Lee’s picture of Batman (subjective right? But Jim Lee draw the best Batman. Ever. Period). As photo enthusiast, I don’t really give a damn about technique or any other photography crap. All I want is to have fun & get that shot, I admit I use cell phone as lo-fi camera (due to the software editor) but don’t get me wrong, cell phone can produce a great shot if you use it right. Then again, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, the most important thing is to have fun doing what really make you enthusiastic.


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