Nokia, Symbian, The Heroic Nokia 808 Last Hurrah

Most of you probably already heard bout Nokia being sold to Microsoft right? I always feel a little loss knowing someone as iconic as Nokia can’t withstood the test of time, though nothing good can last people say. I always admire Nokia, they made the best “phone” (excellent call reception, voice, speaker, low consumption energy, etc) & arguably the most durable phone ever.

My concern is the fact that Nokia being bought by Microsoft, the company I didn’t like (I know its personal opinion). Microsoft not exactly known for it’s tenacious attitude or hefty principle toward their product (remember when everyone disappointed by Windows 7  & they just, almost seem like though, did nothing about it & just released another OS, no explanation, no defense whatsoever) while Nokia on other hand, they are solid rock about their product. Nokia is a proud Symbian adapter until they switch to Windows phone recently (the main reason they didn’t switch to Android is because Samsung is already have their hand firm on the android market to the point other vendor is worried that the policy will depends on Samsung interest).

So here we are, end of an era & suddenly I remember when I once tried Symbian last hurrah, the Nokia 808, the almost everyone say, over-hyped phone (due to the fact it support the insane 41 mega-pixel camera) in a dying OS (Symbian). Everyone doesn’t give a damn about this dying duo (Nokia & Symbian). Though the phone itself won many award for its breakthrough technology & innovation, the market didn’t received it well (though Nokia also makes it hard for some country to buy it).

Nokia-Symbian last hurrah
Nokia-Symbian last hurrah

On my last blog, I implicitly mentioned that pixel doesn’t matter & this 41 mega pixel thing Nokia boast probably just some marketing gimmick (pretty much like apple “retina display” ^_^) but after borrow my friend phone for half of day, I can say that Nokia made a bolt statement about them in Nokia 808 that they are innovator & here to stay (which weird knowing today they just “dead” ^_^). Real innovation is when you do something that never done before or deemed impossible or not worth pursuing & that’s Nokia 808 is, cliché-niche product to show off to everyone that Nokia is a power that can’t be underestimated.

If you read reviews of this phone (just Google it you lazy bastard ^_^), some people just mentioned the best thing about this phone is the camera (which is true) while the other is just plain suck. But I digress, this phone is somehow making me realize what matter most in a phone. Today’s phone (smart phone to be exact) is basically a computer not a phone, we seldom use phone or SMS again but Nokia 808 is a phone with awesome camera (even better than compact camera or even DSLR in some way). Nokia always known for best phone reception, good voice recording or speaker, good battery life (can standby for two days depends on usage), bottom-line, it have everything a good phone could ask & that’s where the problem lies, it can’t compete with other smart-phone (especially apple & android) & the price is just, didn’t do the justice. Don’t get it wrong, this is a smart-phone it just can’t compete with others in the term “smart”.

Basically, my friend bought this for the camera & that didn’t disappoint at all. Check user review on the web & you can see how awesome the camera is, if you can utilize its full power. Most people complaints bout the screen resolution only 640×360 pixels which makes regular Joe eye see no difference with today’s phone camera. But once you edit it on PC or tablet, you will see how awesome the image is & that’s how real photographer did it, not rely on some filter in cell-phone). True the phone never really reach 41 mega-pixel (38 is the maximum) but the image is so awesome (especially when zoomed) that I think Nokia should be proud of it (they spent 5 years in the making anyway). To put it bluntly, this is the best of Nokia have to offer (prior to Windows phone era). Simply a phone with decent “smart” function (check email, twitter, facebook, browser, chat, etc).

Now, with the price drop, Nokia 808 is somehow tempt me to have it, since this is exactly what I need from a phone, with extra camera, mp3 browser, FM transmitter (this is the best & probably the only reason I stick with android at the moment than iOS), good battery life (can last for more than one day, a feature most smart phone forgot), multi-tasking (in my opinion better than other OS even with only single processor, I don’t know how Nokia did it, this is impressive), OVI map that can use in offline (with great accuracy & worldwide, even on par with Google map) & the best camcorder in mobile phone (even better than Nokia Lumia 1020, the predecessor of Nokia 808 in terms of 41 mega-pixel cam, the sound recording is awesome), oh I almost forgot, the speaker sound is also good (if I can exaggerated, I’ll say crystal clear sound). This is what I exactly need from a phone, especially since nowadays people wields phone (one for “phone” while the other is for online), Nokia 808 will be a good phone, it put the most basic function of phone at it’s best (most phone nowadays forgot that they are phone, especially smart-phone, they all just an all round multimedia device).

Despite everyone opinion (user most of it, critiques & reviewers loves this baby), I really admire this phone (sucks that my friend won’t sell his). I could just give my most proper salute to this bad boy every time my friend pulls it & use it. This is a proper way for Nokia & Symbian to say goodbye, the last hurrah that made everyone else notice that Nokia is a power to be reckoned with. The camera itself will be place in the highest hierarchy (even most people  believe 808 better than Nokia Lumia 1020, though in camera recording Nokia 808 beats the hell out of Nokia 1020). Thank you Nokia for give us the best product they can offer all these year, you guys will always have a special place in my heart.

PS : My only concern is I hope Microsoft didn’t tainted Nokia reputation with shitty product, I’ve seen too much fall from grace from this kind of acquisition SEGA, SNK-Playmore is an example of how game developer went downhill in term of quality after acquisition).

PS part II : For those who want to sold their Nokia 808, please do contact me, I crave this bad boy ^_^


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