Why? Why Not! (Lame Justification ^_^)

Well, I just realized my hotshoe cover is lost when I do some photo hunting.

The void thing in upper side is called hotshoe
The void thing in upper side is called hotshoe

What is hotshoe? Basically it is a slot upside your camera usually to attach flash or viewfinder. This is a common $hit that will happen eventually for camera wielder, especially if you like me, wield camera, not hang it on shoulder with a strap or treat your camera like some precious possession like that ring from Lord of the Ring (my camera is full of scars, battle scar, like real men ^_^).

It is kinda weird seeing something that usually filled now is empty (maybe this is feels just like when we realize we lost something he he). So I decided to make the most of this situation, I’ll try to buy a viewfinder for my Olympus PEN but then I realize that it cost almost like when I buy my camera! This is insane, like some sick conspiracy to gain profit from fragile loyal faithful consumer (the way some apple product did I guess ^_^). So I have to use other option to cover my hotshoe. Come to think of it, Micro 4/3 camera has a nickname “Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens” which somehow shortened as EVIL, no wonder I really love my camera ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh).

Why not buy another hotshoe cover? Well, that thing crossed my mind at first but then again, why not makes the most of this situation, why become Adele & sang “Never mind I found, someone like you..” I’m gonna find something better than you (hotshoe cover actually, after some check here & there, the price tag is kinda high Rp. 60.000,-, approximately 6 $ for a little piece of shit plastic! It’s a rip off!). So after I went to a journey to find some replacement for my lost hotshoe (translation : surf the internet) I found out that Holga camera have a viewfinder, why not use that one since all hotshoe have standard size. To make it short, BAM! I bought Holga viewfinder for Rp. 108.000,- (more expensive than standard hotshoe cover but hey! This is a viewfinder nonetheless! Behold my improved PEN!

Cool huh? As if the viewfinder meant to be there
Cool huh? As if the viewfinder meant to be there
It will make the camera too big for pocket but it still manageable
It will make the camera too big for pocket but it still pocket size

The downside is, the viewfinder can’t work with my PEN (you can look through it but it probably useless since the focal point is very different than regular lenses (it’s a fisheye). After all the excitement winds down, I still glad that I bought this “useless” viewfinder. Yes it is only an ornament, but it is one hell of an ornament! Just like people buy statue or paint that no one except you understand, this is exactly what it feels. A little piece of nothing that somehow satisfied you, complete you.

View from the viewfinder. Weird but cool
View from the viewfinder. Weird but cool

Conclusion: Yes this is an impulse decision. Yes this is basically useless. Yes this is

As cool as ornament can be ^_^
As cool as ornament can be ^_^

silly (a Holga on mirrorless is kinda blasphemy for the modern camera) & I can’t really explain beside the fact that it looks cool on my PEN. Then again, sometimes a question doesn’t need an answer, just like sometimes we don’t need a reason or motive to do things, random things (“Do I Need A Reason” played in my head ^_^). If a reason is compulsory, I just say I did it because it was there, no reason whatsoever, just a fact that when I looking at hotshoe replacement that viewfinder somehow just there ha ha (there by the grace of God?). Maybe just like animal (considered as lesser being compared to human with no intelligent they say) sometimes we just like a dog chasing car, we don’t know what to do when we caught it, we just do. All in all, as lame as a justification can be, I glad I “wasted” my money on this ha ha. Always bring a smile to my face every time I saw my camera.


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