Moral of the Story of a F#*ked Up Story

Again, radio never ceases to excite me. You never find something so intimate or wacky than midnight radio show, especially if they talk about sex. All I can say that the level of insanity explicit details went sky high & boy I’m glad that censorship sometimes slipped when story like this went on air. So, here the recent wacky story that caught my attention, do realize that the names, places, & some other details using false identity to protect the security of the parties that involved in the story.

So, one caller shares a story about an affair he have with a girl. The story happens when a guy (let’s call Robby) met a girl (let’s call Tina) in a café. Robby is married guy with 1 son (he describes himself as 35 years average looking guy, not muscular kinda chubby or to be exact, our average Joe that live a simple life, dream a simple dream, probably died a simple death, I add the latter part ^_^) while Tina is an independent woman who still single (26 Robby mentioned I the radio). Robby came to the café with 3 of his friends who dares him to talk to a mysterious, pretty, sexy, smart, bottom-line perfect 10 girl (Tina). They dare him to ask her out, if he fails he got five hundred thousand Rupiah and if he succeeds he got one million Rupiah. His friend asks him to do this despite knowing he is married (a condition that made their friend give him “pity” money if he fails). Short on cash he thinks, “Why the hell not! Nothing to lose here”. So he jumped at the bet & come forward to Tina.

Without any plan whatsoever he rush toward her but then Robby remembered he already had a wife & son. So he just ask Tina, “May I talk to you for a while? I promise I won’t bother you for too long”. Awkwardly Tina said, “Sure”. Then Robby said, “I’ll be honest, my friends there place a bet that whether I could ask you out or not. If I could I got 1 million, if I don’t I get five hundred thousand. So, I am terribly sorry for it & you can just go, angry or even splash your drink to my face.”

Then the strangest thing happens, she smile & said, “I don’t know if this is the lamest pickup line or what. Are you really serious?”. Robby swoon by her smile & froze for a second & said, “Yes. You see I’m married” (showing his wedding ring) “And first I thought what the hell. As if someone like me can ask someone like you to a date, even when I’m still single”. She then asks, “What do you mean with someone like me?”. Tina is kinda offended by it.

Perplexedly Robby said, “Please don’t get me wrong. I mean you are the most beautiful girl I ever see, well in real life not TV. Young, smart & not to be mistaken as flirting, sexy. A model material. What can a guy like me have a chance to hookup with a perfect ten like you”. She blushed and said “I’m flattered. I really do.” Robby said, “So, to not waste any more of your time, please do me a favor & make me the guilty as charged. Splash me”. She asked, “You serious?” He nod then she splash the drink then walk away but before she leave she left a piece of paper with number & a text “Call me”.

The incident makes Robby’s friend laughing out loud & paid the bet. Cool thing is, his friend paid him full one million because they felt sorry for him. But the story is far from over. Robby call the number she gave & surprise, it is actually her phone & she wants to apologize for splash him earlier. Robby ask her out (not romantically) due to the fact that his friend paid him full & some of it happens because Tina “help” him. Tina agrees to waste the money so they arrange a meeting on workday (so Robby can ask permission to come home late from his wife) & Robby pick her up from her office with his old but trusty motor (she reluctant at first since she have a car but then she accept the offer  kinda enjoy the experience of riding the old motor).

They have dinner in some fancy restaurant talks about each other & it all went smoothly, they began to learn each other more intimate. Robby learn that Tina is a manager in private Bank with trust issue, she once cheated by her boyfriend then get dumped (after he took her virginity) while Tina learn that Robby is a regular staff in private company, married with one son whose still a baby.

Then he drops her on her apartment. He said, “It’s fun, let’s do it again sometimes if you don’t mind” and she replied with a sweetest smile “Sure. It is fun”. Probably because heat of the moment Robby said. “There’s the beautiful smile I always wants to see. You are a beautiful girl but you always look serious or gloomy”. Tina kinda blushed by it & Robby realize & said, “I’m sorry. I don’t imply anything. It just popped into my head. I get really weird & nervous in front of a beautiful girl”. Robby also blushed & can’t hide he was swoon by her from the very first time he laid his eyes on her. Awkward silence then Robby said, “Well I have to go home. My wife probably waiting. I’m truly sorry if I offended you” & she replied still with a blush, “It’s OK. You know, we should do this again. I really enjoyed it”. Robby smile the biggest smile on his life while jumping excited a little & making a fool of himself but make her smile.

You can’t deny the attraction between them but these two keeps meeting on workday so Robby had to or can lie to his family by saying there’s an office occasion, traffic jam or working overtime. Funny thing, since Robby is a staff while Tina a manager, Tina paid most of the expense of their leisure (like FDC in some club, watching cinema, etc). Robby become more excited in workday rather than weekend. Tina also enjoys the attention such as text in the morning asking if she already awake, already eat lunch or already have a dinner. As they become more intimate, the inevitable happen, one day at Tina’s birthday, after Robby drop Tina in her apartment after candlelight dinner, she ask Robby to stay the night because she doesn’t want to feel lonely in her birthday. Robby lied to his family & said that he had to working late & probably come home early morning or worse, stay at the office. So far as this “friendship” goes, they only went as far as a kiss on the cheek but tonight they will went far.

As I mentioned before, Robby not only attracted to Tina because of her personality, but also because her stunning beauty & sexy body. Long story short, they have sex, thrice & without protection (Robby spend the night & don’t go home that day) ^_^. As of that day, they are officially having an affair. Robby know that this is wrong but he can’t help it since Tina is in his own word “girl of his dream”, his wet dream maybe ^_^. He said that Tina didn’t mind if she is just an affair & won’t ask him to marry her since she defines their relationship as “friend with benefit”. You can say now Robby living in a dream world. Now he can have quickie, kinky sex with her (he mentioned they do it in her car at freeway, her emergency stair apartment, etc), also the fact that he could practice with his wife improve his performance with Tina he he.

Well, that’s the end of Robby story. So, here are some that I can concluded as “moral of the story” even from a f*$ked up story :

1. Men don’t use brain when they love someone, they just love while women don’t

Women think men just "do it"
Women think men “do it”

Contrary to what people believe, man loves someone for no particular reason. Man can fall in love with someone just like that. I called this lust at first sight not love. But since most men is too busy ignoring the lame stuff (such as feeling, reason, etc) we just call it love. Period.

Different story with women, they decided to love someone after long thought, that’s why some beautiful women married a not so good looking guy, sometimes it’s money or sometimes it’s something else like no. 2

2. Women only need two things, attention & comfort

Believe it or not, most women decided to fall in love with someone because they got attention & comfort. Sure this theory doesn’t always works, I mean, look at friend-zoned guys or attention whore (they don’t need love but need the attention). But most of the time, if you can provide women with attention & she feels comfort with you, she’s yours dude. PS : Get friend-zone is OK as long as it is friend with benefit ha ha

3. Some women stay in a relationship because they afraid of 5890349_460s_v1abeing alone

As pathetic as it sounds, women are more vulnerable when it comes to relationship. They freaked out when they not married in their 20’s or in their 30’s while men probably don’t give a damn. The fear of being alone is so strong that sometimes they married anyone who is available at the moment. Kinda weird knowing that women is having issue with self esteem more than man that they are willingly lowering their standard just to avoid being alone (some men do it but mostly women trapped in this position).

4. Men are dog chasing carplans2

Robby action to ask Tina out is prove that man are, like Joker said in “The Dark Knight”, dog chasing car. We don’t know what to do even when we caught the car. We just do it. Yes I admit men are stupid ha ha.

5. Be careful of what you wish for, it might came true

God’s works in mysterious way. Sometime he punish us with giving us the thing we crave just to show that the thing we lust for is actually not good for us. Robby got his wildest dream come true but his family is hanging on a thread. He implied in the radio that he might choose Tina than his family. That is a hefty price to pay if you ask me. But for some people, once you go black, you never go back.

6. There’s a price for everything

So, Robby now don’t feel the consequence but soon he will realize that there will be a prize, a consequence for everything in this world. There’s no such thing as free lunch as people said in business world. Like the old term, the winner stand alone, the winner stand above the corpses or ashes of others that tried & failed. So whatever we do, think twice, think thorough reduce the impulse (though I admit I am a very impulsive person & it’s as hard as hell but I have to reduce it).

7. The Brain & Penis Theory

Let Robin Williams below tell you what it’s all about. Let’s just say, men by nature are slave of our own nature as hunter to collect the prey or prize that were “given” out of any circumstances. I mean, you can’t expect a lion to not eat you just because you won’t eat him, that’s not the way the world works. In Robby case, he knew it was wrong to “do” Tina, but what can a guy do if he were given such prize. Let’s just say men is a hunter that will take any bait or prey that were “there”.

robin williams8. It takes two to tango

Yes men are @$$hole, but if the women don’t reciprocate his act, the affair can be avoided. Yes men are dumb, we can decipher if a girl flirt or just being nice, but we won’t take it further if the girl is unwilling to have an affair, unless the guy is a jerk (then again, they say there are only two types of man : gay or jerk ^_^).

Guess honestly I don’t know the moral of the story ha ha ha.

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