Gossip, Love it or Hate it

Great minds discuss idea; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

This is good news

After I married, I could say that I am lucky to have the privilege access to cable TV (for a moment though). Today’s TV channel (national TV in Indonesia though) is filled with, IMHO, garbage & useless information (not that every channel in cable is good, I only watch some channel, my favorite is crime & history he he). When I tried to watch local station, all of it filled with what they call “info-tainment” which if you ask me, mostly just gossip. Even in the news channel is sort of the same, especially with election this year, every channel with interest & agenda gave us some propaganda or rumor rather than information, a misleading-misguiding for their own interest. I mean, what is better than a good news? Bad news! Would be better if there is celebrity in it he he.

Even internet doesn’t help much. Since internet 2.0 (where people can contribute to fill the content of internet rather than one way information) internet is filled with useless information or even gossip (well you can have a good one but for most people who is too lazy to find the right source, they probably stumble upon useless info). Honestly, people said that internet is filled with cute cat image or other weird information. The line is blurred between news, rumor, fact, opinion, internet is jungle & those who can’t filtered it will probably consume or corrupted by it.

Some thought by Clark Kent
Some thought by Clark Kent

So, I guess I have to settle to the lesser form on information but truer form of propaganda, gossip. Rather than watching half-ass propaganda or rumor, watching gossip is more honest than watching politic & government stab each other in non violent way. I don’t know why but I approve when everyone say that watching gossip is addicting. I never know how E! Channel could provide gazillion of useless information into some 24 hour entertainment. I mean, it filled with crap like whose banging who, whose get dumped, whose OD, whose hot or not, basically its high-school all over again (High-school never ends ^_^).

Well, according to quote that I attach above, if we enjoy gossip, we all are small minded people. I digress that fact, due to the fact that not everyone watch gossip just because they like to talk or know about that peculiar people but rather than there are nothing good on TV (also MTV nowadays only shows reality TV rather than video music or documentation about music). Personally, I watch gossip for some inspiration or idea to write this blog. I really don’t care if Justin Bieber arrested for drug & speeding or Miley Cyrus twerking or doing anything stupid to make her famous (though I honestly can’t comprehend why stupid people like her is famous nowadays). I watch gossip to try to understand how come a kid like Justin Bieber turned into a jerk & @$$hole or girl like Miley turned into such…whore?

Gossip it’s actually a play area or entertainment center for psychologist, you can see post power syndrome, abuse of power, mother complex, etc. Personally watching those celebrities gave me lessons that I hope I won’t do in the future. I can learn how to do things (like how to give lasting impression, how to behave in public, how to dress, etc) or not to do things (like don’t hurt other or not investing blindly, etc). Maybe I just try to find justification to why I watch gossip, but I guess I like to discuss idea or even share idea to others (like what I did with my blog) just so someone who read this maybe can learn something.


Funny how I loathe gossip yet it seems that the universe is conspiring to shove it to me & like the old saying goes, if you can’t defeat it (majority of people love it), join it. So I guess I have to cope with it, let’s just say that I could learn something from what I despise or loathe. There’s an old saying that mentioned that we become the thing we hat the most, so I tried to make the best of it like what Carl Jung said. Through the experience of those celebrity I’ll tried to learn how not to do the same mistakes (though history tends to repeat itself).


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