Sometimes You Just Have To Let It Slide

You can’t control an independent heart
Can’t tear the one you love apart
Forever conditioned to believe that we can’t live
We can’t live here and be happy with less
So many riches, so many souls
Everything we see we want to possess
Sting – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

So, recently I watch How I Met Your Mother season 9 episodes 17 if I’m not mistaken, the episode where Ted spend a day with Robin at the beach searching for Barney while Barney drunk & went into random places & met strangers to teach his “bro code”. This episode tell us about Ted once have a best friend in form of a balloon where he accidentally let go & that balloon flew away leaving Ted in desperation.

Beautiful & well written episode ^_^
Beautiful & well written episode ^_^

The balloon incident leaves quite an impression on Ted that he stated to his ex that the reason why he still into Robin all this time (despite the fact he once almost married or having another serious relationship) is because if he is agree with what the world that he should five up Robin then this “love” he have or has is for her is not worth fighting for, it’s just some replaceable thing like others. He doesn’t want to lose this feeling just like he loses his balloon long time ago.
But as Ted remembering (or having flash back) his exes & what they say about Robin he realize that it’s time to let Robin go (Robin is about to get married to Barney the next day) & then he pictured Robin as a balloon that he let go along with “Eternal Flame” played as background music (weird choice but IMHO, Ted believe that he have that eternal flame but it doesn’t mean that he must have Robin as her wife or girlfriend). Check the link & see many new generation check the song because of this episode ^_^.


The one that got away
The one that got away

Also, I watch Castle season 2 episode 12 “A Rose for Ever After” where Castle met his ex girlfriend Kyra, the one that got away (because their parent disapprove their relationship due at that moment Castle still a nobody), in her wedding (a murder happens). At first Castle seems like hoping Kyra wedding will be canceled but realize that it’s time to let her go & be happy knowing she met the man that love her & if she’s happy, Castle is happy (cliché & for some BS, but my experience taught me that this is for the best).

So, it struck me that it’s true what Sting song above mentioned, if you love somebody set them free. If they return then it means they were meant from the start. I know it’s hard, especially if it’s someone that matter the most for you. But just like Castle episode, Kyra said that it’s OK to remember her once in a while (she surely did the same) but realize that their chapter it’s over, time to turn a new story. Specifically when we talk about love, IMHO it’s about appreciation not possession. A beautiful flower will died when you pick it up, it’s better to let the flower grow.


It’s not always about love, when we talk about let go, it’s also about grudge or vengeance. If you ask me, the best way is “forgiven but not forgotten”. Forgive your enemy but remember those f#*kers name. Probably the most appropriate adage is when you hold sand in your hand, the more firm your grapple, the more sand get out from your hand but if you hold it gently, you can hold the sand. Or to be more “manly”, holding out the past it’s like holding knife that will hurt you if you don’t let it go.

Yep, let it slide ^_^
Yep, let it slide ^_^

After all, the world teach us that no matter how hard we try, sometimes there are things that aren’t meant for us (became Batman, have private Jet, one night stand with Yabuki Haruna & the list goes on ^_^). It’s best to know that sometimes goodbye is the only way, or if it meant for you, it will back to you (well, I once crave for an import Cyclops figure, a gashapon, so rare that I have to let it go but then, I got 2 of them in the future ha ha). Well, like the title, sometimes we just have to let it slide. Let the works of universe or nature (or God depends on your believe) will lead us. If you are religious (or even not), sometimes we have to trust that there are things greater than us that makes things work. Like there is a greater or bigger picture than what we perceive now.


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