I Probably Forgot What You Said or Did, But I Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel


Out of curiosity, when I visited my parent home I decided to play my PSX again (while my wife handling my parent ^_^) & this bad boy still works! (play it for 5 minute more or less though, don’t know if it would last longer or not). After all this years this baby never let me down ha ha. Well, blast from the past & nostalgic feeling is in the air but then something hits me. Something that I never thought I say, things don’t change, at least in PSX world.

This once state of the art
This once state of the art

I mean, I realize that PSX world, to be exact the game I play, Crash Bandicoot, the graphic didn’t change (somehow it still withstood the test time, still decent by today’s standard), the game-play still awesome, it’s me that change. As I grow older, my point of view also changes. Maybe I get jaded, maybe I become grumpy or maybe being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up ^_^. That’s why I didn’t enjoy the things that I love when I was little (like playing in the rain, bugging neighbor dog, etc), thus somehow one of my best game of all time become just another regular game somehow.

Wow, how time flies. Time takes away everything, the good & the bad. Time will tell what the most important thing is for us in the end (different for each people though). It’s kinda sad to know that everything is changing. I always thought that I will never change, I always be “me” (no matter how weird the definition of me is) but I guess even when the world didn’t change, I will change. It is strange to look at the old photograph & saying “Is that me? Wow, never in a million years I thought I could be like that”

Along with time that passing us by, along with the changes, we probably forgot who we were, who we wanted to be, we are changing, we forgot things. That’s when I realize the important of a journal, a blog, a picture album, or in my case, a video game console. They never change, they are small reminder that the past is real. Like my blog a long time ago, the picture never lies.

My old PSX also tells me that I probably will forget how the game looks, how awesome the game-play is, how kick ass the graphic (especially compared with today’s standard), I even forget the dialogue that made me quotes them & fell in love with it in the first place but one thing never change, how the game makes me feel at that time It tattooed on my mind. I never forget the first time I saw Street Fighter III and how I emptied my bank account to buy my Dream Cast and also the feeling of despair to know that I have to sell my Dream Cast in order to buy PS2 (R.I.P. dear friend, I will never forget & will cherish our time together).

People changes, this world changes, everything changes, even ourselves changes (even if we denied it). But somehow, the more things change the more they stay the same. Like video game, even in the next generation, the game-play still doesn’t evolve that much (the last big overhaul is the switch from 2D to 3D with the big difference is only bigger area to explore). Game-play still only reaches to point A to point B (with a bumpy ride, distraction & not straight line A to B), catch the flag, or sandbox game play (GTA type to go anywhere do anything kinda of game), etc. It’s all simple but somehow we just complicated things (probably we love to sounds sophisticated rather than just plain simple, it seems more classy that way ha ha).

I also once wrote how our memory screwed up or how brain tends to add a little “drama” regarding our memories (just like how some girls from the memory lane looks fantastically beautiful to you but all your friends thinking vice versa) or even play make believe story that actually happened but with a twist of awesomeness (like how you must endure such pain to gain something while actually you just save some money & don’t hangout at weekend) but nonetheless it is always fun to look at the past & have that warm, reassuring soothing feeling remembering the good old days where everything is simple (probably just our perception that yesterday is simple due to the fact that we are a different more experience person then our old self). That’s why we need to remembering the past, we could learn something from it, especially to realize how funny it is to realize that we probably have more regrets about things we didn’t do rather than stupid things that we did (I don’t regret all the stupid things I did, for me it making me awesome, a legend in the making ^_^). The catch is, we have to remember it intact & uncorrupted.


That’s why just testing my old PSX really intrigued me. I guess sometimes it’s OK to look back to the past where everything frozen in time (hopefully our memory still keeps it intact or unharmed) just to see how far we’ve come, how far we’ve strayed from our dream or maybe to see how much progress we already did. We may not remember it correctly but one thing for sure, we probably forgot what other said or did, but we never forget the way they make us feel. It’s not accurate but sometimes it’s all that matter. Like the first time we saw our crush, the rush when they smile or talk at us, the time we saw that sunset, all that other small things that makes life worthwhile. I Guess that in a way, impression do matter, maybe first impression do really matter since like I mentioned “I Probably Forgot What You Said or Did, But I Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel” he he


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