Basic needs…really?

Well, I haven’t write this blog for quite some time. Honestly, I have couples of reasons such as I’ve been promoted thus I have to take a 4 months class in some sort of dormitory,  writer’s block & other $hits I’ve been through he he. Enough with reasons.  since holiday had passed, Idul Fitri for moslem, I have time to write so I guess I just write what I can write he he.

In one of those class I attended, I learn Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that placing sex, as in intercourse, in physiological need or basic need. This is kinda wow for me. I mean, sex? Really? In my tiny little brain, my comprehension, basic need is something that is must be fulfilled in order to live “appropriately” such as food, water, sleep, etc, but then this! Sex?


I think sex is only required to maintain the survival or existences of specific species. Sex supposed to be 17 + ages things. Sex even some kinda taboo to be discussed in some cultures. I guess times are changing since nowadays sex is becoming more common, even became running gag or ice breaker. if you ask me, I agree with this correction


Knowing the source of the knowledge is from Western country,  maybe it’s true that sex is a casual thing there. Maybe the depiction in Hollywood movies is accurate where most girl lost their virginity as some rite of passage to become an adult (and conduct adultery ^_^). Lost it to the cool boy or jock that they might not see again after high school. Kinda crazy if you ask me. Guess virginity is not sacred anymore. I mean personally I don’t mind to settling with girl that is not virgin as long as the girl is a good person or not promiscuous.

But what is annoys me is the fact that in western country, specifically USA, people feel  more sick or repugnate or nauseated when they share toothbrush rather than “swinging” couple or having orgy. Guess they don’t mind sharing saliva or body fluid (e.g. French kiss or intercourse) but felt hesitant to share toothbrush. Ever wonder how many, sorry, cock she swallowed or how many “V” he penetrated? Gross!!!


Come to think of it, maybe this is happening because life quality is increased so the line between wants and needs is getting blurred, especially in western country. When people’s basic needs already fulfilled, the needs itself is expanding. First you need food but once you have it you want something more like steak or pasta, first hand phone next smart phone. Like drug addiction,  you will need a bigger “hit”or “kick” like higher dose, which in this case, after normal basic needs is been fulfilled people craves or addicted to something new that they “think” they can’t live without, like sex, Wi-Fi or in my case, video games (I once think that I can’t live without it but look at me alive & well he he..still playing on cellphone though). We have to be careful because like Warren Buffet says, “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need”.


IMHO, we should realize what is really essential as our basic needs. Don’t confused it with basic wants (basically we wants everything,  even things we shouldn’t,  couldn’t,  wouldn’t need anyway, maybe the only reason we want it just because it’s there hehe). At least if we could understand what we really need, we wouldn’t be bothered by what if questions. We should realize the answer to happy life is not being an idiot, ignorant, having low expectations or have everything that we wants but to be content or grateful for everything we have rather than wondering what if we have everything we ever wanted.

It’s not like a bad thing to have what we wants, but experiences told stories that in most cases we overestimate, overwhelmed & over expected our wishes thus we somehow disappointed by it, by how it’s not the same as we wanted it to be. Like the old adage “be careful what you wish for because you might just get it all” but somehow ended up knowing that what we really need is already here but we take it for granted and we never know what we got till it’s gone.

Maybe just like my friend once said, kill your Idol. We most likely love the idea we have in our head about them and ended up disappointed knowing they are completely different from what we imagine. I guess we need to redefine what we really need, our basic need. And sex is not one of it!


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