Take It As It Is?

Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was

John Chambers


As most of you aware, Jokowi has been elected as president of Indonesia thus his former position as Jakarta’s governor is empty. Usually, the vice governor take his place to became governor but here in Indonesia, the word usually didn’t really go well. Here we love extravagant stuff, with that train of thought, Jakarta’s vice governor, in this case, Ahok is being rejected by some party, in this case Front Pembela Islam (Islamin defender Front) & others Islamic party. What is the reason of their rejection? Now that’s where things become “interesting” (notice the sarcastic quotation he he).

Quite an army
Quite an extravagant army

So, rumor has it that Ahok is being rejected because he is npt capable to rule but everyone knows the true reason, he is not Moslem, he is chinese (minority in Indonesia) or any other dogmatic reason (such as Islam taught that Moslem can’t be lead by non Moslem, etc). But if you ask me, IMHO the main reason Ahok is being rejected is because he is “hard” to deal with, espescially with bribe, mafia, or any other “business as usual” underworld activity. FPI is, if you ask me, one of those party who gets benefit as “security” or mob to be xact since they kinda picky about whose or which business is deemed not cosher and needs to be rid off (let’s just say they are sort of rent-a-cop). Stop the accusation here, it’s politic, it’s dirty so just leave it as that.

What tickles me is, the reason why Ahok is being rejected because he is not Moslem. In the era where modernity & science, or the age of information is improving our life, it is weird to see that most people still choose to live in their sheltered life or believe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Moslem, though not a good one I admit, & I don’t have the capability to judge whether what FPI accuse is good or bad, but I tried to examine the situation as a normal, citizen live in so-called democratic country.

Indonesia is not an Islamic state, our constitution didn’t forbid non Moslem to become a leader so why FPI said this reason? Religion they say. I don’t have the capability in that area so I see it from citizen, man on the street point of view. If what FPI said is true that Islam forbid their congregation to be lead by non Moslem, I guess most Indonesian will be jobless since most of big private company owned by foreign country or people (that usually not a Moslem). Most product also came from foreign nation that dubbed “enemy of Islam (USA, Jew, etc), even some drugs have the component that can be classified as non permitted or non kosher (Jew’s equvalent for halal).

Ahok mistake(s) is only the fact that he is not Moslem. As stupid as it sounds, Indonesian is stupid to the point they take everything for granted as long as their “leader” (in this case Ulama or communal leader, etc) decree something, they follow it, just like sheep. Remember when Megawati’s party (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia) won election but council commitee make a politic manuver that ends up makes Abdurahman Wahid as elected president, due to the fact that Megawati is a women (which some Islamic people twist as lesser leader than a Man). His other mistake is mostly political stuff that I don’t wanna discuss, since Indonesia is a nation of sheep, lead by wolves and owned by pigs.

This practice is happens all the time in Indonesia (most of Indonesia though) & most of us just turned our cheek the other way, since we realize there are some people that can’t be reasoned with (soccer fans, religious fanatic, parents, etc). Arguing with these type of people is a waste of time. They will take us down to their level and beat us with their experience of being @$$hole. Just like mud wrestling with pig, sooner or later you’ll realize the pig enjoy it & you don’t. Bu the problem is, if we just stood there turn the other cheek, if we tolerate this, our children will be next. We have to stand up & against it. If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for everything.

Imagine if you (I assume you’re not moslem) have a kid & he/she said, “I wanna be a President” than everyone will say “You can’t. You’re not Moslem. As far as you can be is just vice president”. How do you feel about that? That’s why I disagree with the quote I put above. At least some part of it. “not the way you wish it was” could be misintrepet differently depending on who read & understand it. There are things we can’t change but if we’ll never try we never know didn’t we? So I guess it backs to doing what is right, not what is told to do. If you can’t tell what is right or wrong, you’re lack of empathy not religion. Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you’re told while obedience is doing what is told regardless of what is right.

We have to change this “dogma” perspective before it’s too late.Experience taught me that people will change for two reasons, you learn enough that you want to, or the high price you pay because you’ve been hurt enough that tou have to. Please, before you judge people, regardless of what his/her mistake(s), do remember that judging a person does not define who they are but who you are.